Mega-Bug: Samhain-Event is over today!


I can’t enter The Lonely Patriot in Stage 5 of the Questline because the Samhain-Event is over! I thought Samhain runs until 1. of november?

When I try to enter The Lonely Patriot, following system-message appears:

“This mission is only available at samhain”

By the way: Lore 9 in the laundromat of New York is away again.

So what the f**k is this?! I’m lifetime-member and fan of the Secret World since any years ago, but if I can’t play the questline to the end because funcom said that Samhain must end today, so I will quit this game for ever.

So funcom please fix your mega bugs or shut down your SWL-servers for ever. Thank you very much.

Maybe read the news before rambling and mumbling ? The quest has been disabled in last patch and will be enablad again later today in an hotfix.


Issue is resolved.