Mega buildings that give Lag from non-playing players

We have a big problem on the official PVE-C servers. Players make huge bases which give a lot of lag to the server and then they don’t play. They only come in twice a week for refreshment decay time. And all this is going to get worse when removing the purges, which was the only way these bases were destroyed.
One solution would be that the decay time is marked by a consumable that you have to farm in the game, for example the sacrifices in the temples. The bigger the base, the more sacrifices you have to offer to maintain that base. So players have to enter the game to maintain their bases and not just connect for 10 seconds.
This solution is already applied in other games, it would give importance to the temples and forces the players to enter the game to maintain their bases. Because for the players that if we play in a nuisance that your server has a lot of Lag because of people who do not enter to play.

If they are logging in within the Decay times and are not breaking build rules/guidelines then not likely anything will be done about it should you use the correct Zendesk fault logging ticket.
Also remember that there are other games out there that players may be playing and therefore not able to play Conan Exiles all the time - or whenever you are playing.
Also, some players can only play set times like weekends, etc.
The Decay system is in place for abandoned bases.
Huge bases that cause lagging will be doing same for that player (depending on their PC specs and bandwidth performance.
Since it’s PvE-C you could do some judicial ‘trebuchetting’ practice if they are not playing frequently. With Age of War, we all need lots of Treb practice. :slight_smile:

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Então a solução é entrar para jogar? servidor oficial PVEC é 1977 gportal e como todo servidor oficial é público. Tem muitos jogadores lá todos ativos e creio que a maioria trabalha portanto recomendo que converse no chat e combine com que estiver jogando para jogar com você a hora que estiver ON. Se existe uma base gigante ou atrapalhando um recurso importante do jogo no servidor você pode enviar o reporte também confira mais sobre o assunto no link abaixo vai ajudar