Mega Wish List (regularly updated)

Hi, I will be updating and modifying this in the future. Collected most of wishes from this forum. Feel free to comment and I will add Yours too. Some parts was already announced or denied by Funcom.


  • More and proper World Bosses
  • Server Mod Distribution
  • Adjust endgame and ending → Being worked on :+1:
  • Bigger map (yes, double it)
  • Add board games and some additional minigames (how about Armwrestling, Poker or Chess? :D)
  • Mounts
  • Sorcery
  • Taming pets → In development :+1:
  • Bio diversity or more critters to kill (Zebras, Dromedaries, Hippos, Jackals, Quails, Goats, Sivatherium, Peahens, Water buffalo, Tapir, Monkeys, Hares, Aurochs, Pheasants, Foxes, Sheep)
  • Shapeshifting
  • More treasure quests
  • Player list remove option
  • Tracking steps and bleeding [surely aloe vera potion can hardly stop the hole in my leg]
  • Fishing mechanic and fixed fish traps
  • More resources (Copper, Bauxite etc)
  • Unlocking additional body types after some kind of acomplishment
  • More weather conditions and more random weather probability [why not have few days nice weather in the north]
  • Few more dungeons with really difficult boss mechanics → In development (not sure about the difficulty)
  • Thievery, Light Raiding, “Bel” Religion
  • Vacation timer / mode
  • Harder difficulty
  • Locking/Unlocking and Picklocking chests/doors
  • More replayability options/ideas for Dungeons
  • Improvements on story ending → Being worked on :+1:
  • Cross platform PC/XBOX
  • As mounts are still maybe no Go in future, some sort of fixed mount lines to certain places, which You can pay for would be good substitute for free mount travelling.
  • Let players fight underwater or make special weapon to do it
  • No wind indoors
  • Destructable items
  • Add a Check Box in Feats to lock in to prevent Respecting Everything
  • Lighting adjustment - more contrast


  • Allow for a server setting that allows more than one thrall to follow you.
  • Option for admins to disable Event Log and Player list for specific and more realistic PvP experience
  • Ability to make Purges humanoid only (no animal purges – Exiles, Darfari, Black Hand, Relic Hunters, etc)
  • Perma-death server setting option


  • Race specifics (not just apparel, but also some stats or recipe bound to the race)
  • Player Reputation system
  • Add more body type varieties (fat, slim, even bigger bodybuilder)
  • Additional melee combat animations
  • More emotions and sounds to the players character
  • Hairstyle change → Discussed :slight_smile:
  • New character item slot - Cape
  • Warpaints - possibility to choose Your color → Discussed :slight_smile:
  • Eat and Drink animation
  • Carried items visualisation (at least weapons in actionbar)
  • More character voices
  • Hotkeys for emotes → Being discussed :slight_smile:
  • Blood and dirt washes away only in the bath or entering the river/pond
  • Visual effect to corruption
  • Sleeping in a bed
  • More voice lines from the main character


  • Add more actionbar slots
  • Party system
  • Trade system (at least basic one between players)
  • Hide helm option
  • Damage numbers/health numbers
  • Showing item stats on craftable gear/weapons
  • Listing discovered recipes under it’s own tab
  • Add Minimap
  • Additional armor slots (shoulders, knees, ect.)
  • Ability to see Clan Members on Map → Will be implemented :+1:
  • Sun/Moon Cycle icon
  • Sorting option in player list by Clan, Player or Level
  • Warning systems (could be withdrawn from Event log) and flashing on screen when Your base is attacked
  • Add a Modded Server only filter to the server lists - Suggestion collection with status
  • Naming of Chest and other storage inventory



  • More useful recipes
  • One handed spear/javelin usable with shields
  • New weapon type: Staves
  • Dual wield swords
  • Cosmetic look on weapons, armor vs item Stats, revamp of the mechanic would please many people, which do like certain style, but the stats of the item is crap
  • Khitan Bed (for the DLC owners)
  • Cosmetic DLC’s should have more stuff in it, beds, culture clothing etc…
  • Ammo Cases
  • Add Bells
  • Placeable resources (Storage)
  • New weapon type: Two handed Battle Axe
  • Add Armor Display stands → Discussed :slight_smile:
  • Skull torch
  • Melee weapons
  • Artifact which would be able to teleport You to the map room (Through Obelisk at least)
  • More hide rugs bound to other animal types
  • Epic armor visual difference
  • Yellow lotus potion stacking
  • Barrels and Ale-Kegs with Storage Capacity
  • Add Compass item → Cut for now :sob:
  • Enchanted warpaints… witchpaints
  • A trophy for each type of dragon (even the bone dragon)
  • Banners / carpets / tapestries for each of the gods
  • Make fire arrows do fire-heat damage to player and creatures like the bleeding mechanic
  • Stove has sizzling sound
  • Firebowl Cauldron has bubbling sound
  • Less noisy compost
  • Animal Armors
  • Legendary Repair Kits (hard quest or something not random as thrall from purge)


  • Area claiming by Clans (Spliting the map visual to sectors which could be controlled by clans, visible for all)
  • Separate owner rules for clan members, so not everything will be share with new members - → Being discussed :slight_smile: and partially Implemented with Recruit rank
  • Area claiming by Clans (Spliting the map visual to sectors which could be controlled by clans, visible for all)
  • Custom clan banners
  • Clan Members Reputation / Stats
  • Clan Management upgrade
  • optional PvP possibility depending on Clan entering the PvP timeslot
  • Clan Relations Options
  • Option for Guild map markers, visible only to Guild members
  • Alliance system / Friend list
  • Ability to see Clan Members on Map → Will be implemented :slight_smile:
  • Clan shared interactive Map
  • Strategic resource Mines, which can be claimed by clans and conquered by others


  • Add several command orders to warrior/archer type of thralls and several new commands to dancers/entertainers
  • Thralls entertainers playing music
  • Wheel of pain thrall visibility (The actual thrall model which you captured rather than the static ones)
  • Put unconverted thralls to cages as a storage
  • Alarm thrall / enemy in range, thrall starts to play on horn
  • Defensive and offensive stance for thralls → Discussed :slight_smile:
  • Jewelry thralls, which can craft unique visuals (how about shining bracelet during climbing huh)
  • Spiders should be able to climb walls chasing people
  • Dancers can perform different dances
  • Thralls can level up
  • Naming thralls
  • Mining thralls
  • Thrall companion
  • Thralls as placeables (assign them to chairs/beds…etc.) ability to give them emotions to play.
  • More sense into having T1,2 thralls (either leveling them up, or found out some other use)
  • Non static enemies
  • Change clothes of thralls working at workstation
  • Option to put placed thralls back to “inventory”
  • Merchant thralls in own structures
  • Doorman Thralls (Gates,Drawbridge, Elevator)
  • Thralls sleep in their own beds at nighttime if assigned one
  • Make so thralls in stations can defend themselves
  • Thralls can trow water orbs to shut down fire orbs during sieges (aka thralls detect fire and use water orbs on them)



PVP additions / balance / fix


Nice list. A few comments tho,

Sorcery: Not gonna happen anytime soon.
Compass item: Currently cut from development
Mounts: Technical difficulties since if the player moves above a certain speed treshold the game cant load in chunks at that rate, couls be fixed by smaller chunks but this will drastically reduce performance since ultimately more would be loaded simultaniously. not gonna happen soon.

Double foundations: Make these a seperate item at the very least. Or possibly (and perhaps better) some kind of matrix/macro you can hold that places 2x2 or 2x1 or 2x2x2 foundations instead. this gives more building options to quickly build large structures without the need for additional placable items. (Works like a bow on which you can drop arrowsbto switch arrow types, same principle).

Armor stands : kinda confirmed, devs want this too.
Pets: confirmed.

Wagons: Nice to have but ultimately with 50 encumbrance unnencesary. A portable base however would be epic. ie. wagons on which you can place workstations and or chests.

New (biome specific?) resources would be nice for immersion and to make the endgame more interesting. For examle Mud/clay in riviers from which you can make bricks with a better ratio than stone.(we all know how tedious t3 stonebrick structures are)

New biomes, im all in for that, probably doesnt happen in the current world map, i read somewhere they want to add new lands but that wont be on the current map, nonidea what they mean but couls be interesting to see some new areas like well of skelos area. Make them buildable and easily accessible for all tiers of players tho. If they are accessible for high level players only i doubt there will be a lot of structures in there since by then, most players already have rooted somewhere with their base and are unwilling to move.

One addition tho,
A bell. We have gongs, drums, horns etc. but i want a giant bell for a belltower :slight_smile: nice to have ;p


thanks for reply, forgot to add those bells, I red about it somewhere today so I will update now.

Regarding the cut things and not happening soon or ever stuff…let’s track the reasons why not here, but keep it as a high goals and wishes from player’s base for future.

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What about this?
Placable resources

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More of a balance “fix” multiple sized walls and foundations. like 4x4 complete ones even with a biger window.

less piece means less memory usage. so “HUGE” building block. even correctly rounded ones would be welcome imho.

Sure I will add anything reasonable and good here, keep replying here bellow the post and once I have time I will update it again. Cheers.

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There are a lot of things.

For example thralls as placeables. (assign them to chairs/beds…etc.) ability to give them emotions to play.

dancers to order one specific dance (or the current “random” system)

these are the ones I really do like to see. and mounts no matter the speed but for packmules/bodyguards… like mammoths :smiley:

Keep up the good work tho.

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More character voices. Only 4 voices on character creation, there were more before the release. With CharEdit mod you can edit your char in game and 8 voices are available.


@Tascha looping You in, so You have more points for discussion when You will get bored :smiley:

No worries, I am lurking :wink:


Sneaky lil’… :smiley:
Keep up the good work :smiley:

added Clans category, for some reason it was not there before, whoops

What kind of sorcery? I’ve suggested demonologi, necromancy and thaumaturgy.

What about small gates? like 2 wide and 3 high.
This will be very useful for use in smaller structures that still need a gate but arent 4-5blocks high…
for example; walls with a sidegate or inside mayor pathways in a castle. just upsize the doorway and the door and bam minigate.

“Secrete” doors and door-frames… (hidden doors can be openen and closed by interacting with the door’s switch, allowing you to hide the door to your lair making it easier to hide stashes of supplies…) Hidden doors should come in wall and foundation wall variants for all building material types.)

Keyed doors(Doors that require a key made by the player who made the door to open and close.) Would be great for PvE if we want to grant access to our base without having to risk a troll destroying everything by way of letting them into your guild…

Being able to lock/unlock our chests in PvE-C (That way we can deliberately leave a chest unlocked for other players to put stuff in, or take stuff from…)

Being able to set thralls to “Hostile” in PvE-C… (Meaning they will attack other players not in your guild.) Though this isn’t without risk… (As setting them to hostile also means any players that can be attacked by them can also kill and loot or capture them just as if they were an untamed thrall found in one of the usual thrall camps…) Basically this means that you can turn your base into what is basically another thrall camp… (Or dungeon if you will…) I’d also extend this to pets once that’s added… (So for the fun of it you can build stock and maintain your own dungeon in PvE-C, and challenge other players to raid your maze of death…)

Add board games and some additional minigames
“This would not work well with single-play unless one can play mini games with thralls”

It is just an idea, which would be necessary to execute carefully and correctly. Anything is possible.

Few more dungeons with really difficult boss mechanics
Harder difficulty

“Harder is not always better. I don’t mind an option for difficulty but let us not make it required.”

Ofcourse optional, but since is Rated game, it makes sense to have optional difficulty which is not for childrens.

Race specifics (not just apparel, but also some stats or recipe bound to the race)

“I think this would be bad as the game could end up with only one race in it. A player should not be penalized for choosing a specific race.”

These things requires very good planning and thinking as it can lead to best race which would be bad. What I ment by that, is that every race would be unique in specific area (which would not be dominating in the major gameplay) … so for example Dafari would be able to craft skull standing torch, while some other race would have something else…or complete skin revamp for some items, it would be a lot of work for designers, but it would add extra layer to the diversity.

Add puzzles where I use my torch attack button to light a set of braziers/sconces/lamps/ring of black candles

“I do not like the idea of turning this game into a puzzle. I think it would be a distraction for the build and destroy concept of survival.”

Conan lore is full of small easy puzzles, so there is no need to deny soft layer of it.

More theory crafting balancing of PvP, no more same armor, weapons builds

“I think theory-crafting destroys games. Everyone ends up with a cookie-cutter build rather than create what works for them. It also tends to incites calls of Overpowered or Underpowered because a item does not suit the cookie builds.”

I disagree, because current state of the game is exactly what You don’t want. You need Silent legion armor, max strength, vitality and agility. You have almost no chance in PvP with medium or without best heavy armor. Only thing You can “theory-craft” right now is stat boosts and boosting agility with heavy armor and that is all. While clever and balanced theory crafting can make other builds relevant at all.

Area claiming by Clans (Spliting the map visual to sectors which could be controlled by clans, visible for all)
Alliance system

"I don’t care for these two as they sound like the game should be favouring clans. It should not.

For PvP servers it makes sense to have such a option, single PvP is fine, You can have 1 man Clan for claiming too. Clan is favored anyway, since there can be more people, its just adding more playground for players to make their battles relevant.


And what about HUGE gates? like 5 wide 9 height? :smiley:

I am all about gates and we must make HUGE wals too.

But I could make a barn for the upcomming pets upgrade for sure so yea +1 for small gates as well.

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Well ive build quite a few large structures, and a couple of things about the current gate annoys me quite a bit. the extra rows of walls ontop of the gate. annoying. unnecessary.
the width, uneven, thats annoying for symmetry. hence the even-number-width of the small gates.

ps. having more kinds of drawbridges would be nice as well, imagine a large T3 structure with such a very badly crafted drawbridge… imean why settle for some poorly made bridge when the rest of your base is top-tier…?

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That one actually quite handy.
The extra walls option on top of the gate.

Uneven-ness is handy too :smiley: but we should have “many” other size options. Including even ones as well.

And agreed about the drawbridge, (also elevators and even supports suffering the same lazyness. :smiley:

I think dungeons need something to encourage us to do it again. Currently we have no reason to return to a dungeon once we have learned the recipes. Except for black keep if you want to make several swords.

A loot system like in the MMOs would be interesting. I know this is a survival game, but we have dungeons, so why not. Let me explain : Imagine that a vanity tab is implemented in the game like AOC. A tab in which we equip ourselves with armor and weapons that we want to display but which give no bonus. From there we can imagine special loots available in the dungeons. The bosses would have a chance to give the big pieces of armor (helm, chest, pants) and the trashmob or mini boss would have a chance to give the gloves and boots. 3 types of dungeon armors (light, medium, heavy) that would be randomly looted with a low probability.

So we’d have a reason to go back to the dungeons, because everyone likes cosmetic items (not just in MMOs, FPS and TPS too), which would give more PVE content and more diversity in character looks and finally would keep the players longer on the game.

An example of what we can imagine as a loot in a dungeon such as the volcano:

  • Heavy

  • Medium

  • Light