Mega Wish List (regularly updated)


allegedly you can tame ANY animal and they have more uses than just be a pet on yourbshoulder ie. they can defend your base or carry stuf for you.

tho im building a castle on a server aptly named drangleic castle. guess what mobs im gonna capture and place in and near it :wink:


Another suggestion (also sort of a work-in for the sorcery system, whenever it hopefully comes)
A new weapon type: Staves… I’m thinking that if it’s not supposed to be possible to fling fireballs and whatnot from your hand (perfectly fine by me), then would it perchance be lore friendly to fling lightning or fireballs from a staff? :stuck_out_tongue: have it as some sort of conduit for the magic…
I’m thinking they’ll work with the corruption, as in you for example use corruption somehow to actually build and repair them, and they of course have varying degrees of effectiveness (I.E adept, apprentice, master staves and such), like the different weapon tiers…

It’s all fair if people disagree, this is only a thought really :smiley:


List updated 16.7