Mega Wish List (regularly updated)


allegedly you can tame ANY animal and they have more uses than just be a pet on yourbshoulder ie. they can defend your base or carry stuf for you.

tho im building a castle on a server aptly named drangleic castle. guess what mobs im gonna capture and place in and near it :wink:


Another suggestion (also sort of a work-in for the sorcery system, whenever it hopefully comes)
A new weapon type: Staves… I’m thinking that if it’s not supposed to be possible to fling fireballs and whatnot from your hand (perfectly fine by me), then would it perchance be lore friendly to fling lightning or fireballs from a staff? :stuck_out_tongue: have it as some sort of conduit for the magic…
I’m thinking they’ll work with the corruption, as in you for example use corruption somehow to actually build and repair them, and they of course have varying degrees of effectiveness (I.E adept, apprentice, master staves and such), like the different weapon tiers…

It’s all fair if people disagree, this is only a thought really :smiley:


List updated 23.7.


Instead of just changing between hairstyles, how about changing your character entirely? Note that:

  • You could not change sexes;
  • You could not change religions ( since that is already a feature );
    I am looking for a character customization similar to Dark Souls 3. Btw I have never watched the movie Conan, but how about implementing a new god that could change your appearance? And to change your appearance you would have to talk to a priest of that religion and offer something to that god ( maybe offer something like a human face you could get by skinning an npc with the skinning knife of that religion)
    Thanks for listening :+1:


how about make dependence of character’s appearance and animation from its attributes and perks?


Regularly updated, it has not been lately, but a lot of cool things in here.

I would love to know when my thrall is done and which one or about how long. I’m tired of pulling the wrong one, thank the gods there is a warning message.

:loud_sound: I Want this to happen but with the same support, they are often times in the way @the base.

The purge system never starts on any of the servers I play on.

The Containers almost everywhere with npc loot hardly ever have loot in them. I’m talking chest or large chests mainly. The box is there but has nothing in it. If it does have loot it never has anything great. I’d like for loot on enemy thralls and containers to be revisited. I’d like to find a chair, some hardened steel, a thrall or a table sometimes in these containers, something other than a bowl, candle or rotten egg! These are other folks like your character right? Should they not carry stuff you might. [wheel of pain, carpenters bench, fish, torches, a brazier, a few walls, the head of a tiger, exquisite meat, bindings, whatever]

Birds, Gators or the other lizards never drop eggs, they have babies right? They should be loot-able and then skin them.:thinking:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Sounds gravy!

How about other clanmate markers on the map. It’s been fun asking them to tell me where they are!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Your character is a criminal in a barbaric land. Of course your one man show is going to get destroyed by the smarter players who team up why else did the “clan alliances” get included. I’ve been reading a lot of threads by players that want to go solo or don’t pvp. It’s not just about them. Conan Exiles is a developing game and not to cater to those few, the larger group of players that have asked repeatedly will get the results. I’m not trying to be mean or call you out on this so don’t take offense but… Go ask for a no clans mode and etc this is a suggestion forum stop shooting down ideas unless it actually makes no sense, breaks lore, breaks immersion, or offers players more ways to grief and/or take advantage of the system mechanics.


By lore corruption fuels magic so it is plausible thing.


Did solo-runners pay less? The game advertises a solo mode so it is as much a part of the game as any other mode. If PvE and Solo/co-op players did not get equal representation, then I suggest they be charged less as they will have less game available to them.

I am not sure I understand your meaning here. Are you suggesting that I shouldn’t comment unless I support the suggestion posted?


It’s PvP if you can’t handle playing that mode go play solo, single player, PvP no matter what game has and will always favor team/clan/guild play. You obviously sneak around attacking noobs or still haven’t figured out windows in PvP is how your stuff is being stolen. Solo players are a marginal number of players versus those who play in clans. By no means did I state they are worth less or shouldn’t be heard, I did say go make another thread, but if we’re ever to come to a vote they would lose by majority.

Adding constructive criticism is one thing saying no and explaining why is okay too. Shooting down someone’s suggestion is another. And if I really have to explain what that statement actually meant your parents should come down to the basement you call your room and explain it to you instead. Because you’ve obviously been paying alone to long on the playgrounds at school.


You said yourself here you aren’t in it for the PvP just solo and co-op.


I do play solo/co-op so obviously I don’t attack newbs and no one steals from me through windows.

I believe there are more solo players than you realize. Regardless, solo players paid the same so they should have the same opportunities. Favoring group play does not provide for the same opportunities.

What would you like me to say in that new thread? That I disagree with a suggestion in this thread?

Since my parents are not available, perhaps you could explain your meaning…without insults and digs this time.


If a suggestion makes no sense shut it down such as put clown noses on all the barbarians, if it breaks lore such as give us cars, if it breaks immersion such let us skip mining ore and let us mine iron bars, and the last one speaks for itself no one wants griefers to have more things to use to annoy us or people exploiting mechanics of the game.

As for that new thread your suggestion of course. There is a reason we are in the suggestions portion of the forum making discussions. If a player can convince me clown noses make sense in game, don’t break lore, immersion, or doesn’t give blantent advantages or exploits I’d be all for it.

Sorry digs come at random moments no guarantees.