MEGAversary 2: The Yearbook Project (again)

[So this is a second iteration of this thread. The first one disappeared in “the incident” along with all items people sent to me in forum private messages. I’m afraid you will have to resend them. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

Some of you may remember my last little project for the 1st Year anniversary;

Secret World Legends MEGAversary Yearbook 2017–2018

Well Jac :dog2: and I would like to get started on volume 2 covering 2018-2019, and this year we would like some help. I realize I’m starting a little earlier than last year, but it was quite a bit of work collecting everything and putting it together on time… so I’m getting a head start.

If you would like to participate in the project, we are looking for Character photos of your mains and alts. For each picture we need to know the following information;

Character full name:
Twitter Account (if any):
Class: Senior (if created before the 1st Anniversary) Freshman (if created after the 1st Anniversary.

Cabal Information
I’d like to put some “club” pages in this year’s yearbook so pictures and a short write up about your Cabal would be welcome.

If you’ve been involved in any significant Role-playing arcs and want to provide a summary write up and pictures.

Events Official and unofficial
If you’ve taken part in any in-game events and want to provide some details about it that would be great.

Where to send all this stuff.

You can contact me via one of the following ways


The project status thus far;

  • 38 characters
  • 1 RP Arc write up

more needed

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The time line for submissions is the end of May.

If you have an idea for an item you would like to contribute, please contact me here or on twitter.

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Reminder to submit articles and photos soon.

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Coming down to the wire for submissions.


May I send you an email with our cabal page content and community event page content? If so, please let me have your email address :slight_smile:

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PM sent with details.

Time is running out…

It has been published

Secret World Legends MEGAversary2 Yearbook 2018–2019


Great work, Caerfinon! Really well done :slight_smile:


Looks great! Thanks for doing that for us! :slight_smile:


Thank you for putting it together! It is a thing of beauty and love!