MEGAversary 3 - The MEGA Boss Event 24th June - 7th July

Well it’s nearly anniversary time so we are going to roll out the big guns for a special two weeks of MEGA Boss extermination! The community in association with League of Monster Slayers, Nine-Swords and Legio Fulminati and perhaps some special Monster Destroyers brings you the MEGAversary 3 MEGA Boss Event!

From the 24th June to 7th July, spread across the length of the MEGAversary3 community event you’ll all have the chance to wipe them out… all of them :slight_smile: We will organize this near to each Euro and US prime time as possible for the maximum level of “squishing”. The actual times are listed on the Calenders for the event:

Week 1 Schedule:

Week 2 Schedule:

The Fate of the Fourth Age Depends on this! Can you do it, Secret Worlders? Yes you can!

If you can help out with tanking and or healing, please send me a forum message along with a time based on the calenders above and we can fit you in, or post below, we want this to go out to as many people as possible across ALL of the community of the Secret World :smiley:

Any questions feel free to ask.


There are also Calendar listings for mobile and links to each event on the Nine-Sword website:

Full Calendar for mobile with links

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Starts 24th June! Check Calendar for details!

Full Calendar for mobile with links


First scheduled “Kate gets herself killed in front of 39 other people” starts in just under 10mins!! Log in already!! :smiley: