MEGAversary Pagan-Style Mega Dance Off Knockout Death Match Tournament Event - July 12th


12th July 7pm British Summer Time, 2pm Eastern Daylight Time!!

Is it a spelling bee? Noooo! Is it a ‘to be or not to’ bee? Noooo! It’s a dancing bee! So polish your dancing shoes and ready your tuxedos, because we are going to pay homage to the great holy ones by an all out Dance Off Deathmatch Tournament! We’re rocking it Pagan-style, baby!

Rules: In the first round a maximum of 4 contestants at a time get invited to group up with the judge. After judge gives the signal with a firework, he starts to dance. The dancing bees will have to copy that dance correctly, and fast, for the last to do so will get eliminated. If somebody starts dancing the wrong dance, it’s an instant disqualification for bringing shame on the holy name of Elvis. In case of a tie, when the dance is matched correctly (as in the judge couldn’t see the difference, it was so fast), there will be no knockout, and the contest goes on. Last man/woman/rabbit standing advances to the next round. The winners of the first round will be grouped up again and we’ll start the second round. If there are more groups in this round, A third, final round shall determine the final winner, out of the winners of the second round. These further rounds, of course, follow the same rule as the first.

Special rule: To kick it up a notch, there’s a special rule: if you dress up formally for dancing, or impersonate the Holy King of Rock’n’Roll, you get an extra life in the first round. This means, that if you get knocked out, you can try again once in a different group. Do note, that this doesn’t apply to further rounds, only to the first one.

Location: The Rooted Groove (the club on the 1st floor of Agartha). Send meet-up request to ‘Gaem’ to make sure you’re in the right instance.

Prizes will be announced shorty!


The Prizes for the MEGAversary Pagan-Style Mega Dance Off Knockout Death Match Tournament Event will be:

1st Prize - A Crown of Hel!!!
2nd Prize - A complete set of Infused Clothing from the Hatekeeper!!!
3rd Prize - A Complete Bounty Hunter Outfit!!! A Pair of Icy Claws!!!

Come to the event and have a chance to win, and win stylish!


Will this include paywall/seasonal dances?

It most certainly won’t! Only the base 7 dances: Funky Chicken, Macarena, Gangnam Style, Running Man, Sprinkler, Samba and Tap Dance. So anybody can join in!

Gaem :wink:

Here’s the video I made while hosting this. Thanks for participating, streaming, helping out, everything anybody did in regards to this :slight_smile:


Congorats Gaem!! Many thanks for hosting the event :slight_smile: