Melothat corpse in Kingsmouth town?

Uhh… anyone else see a giant mummy corpse in the middle of a street in Kingsmouth?

I have a screenshot of it but I can’t upload it since I just created this account a few minutes ago (just so I can post and ask about this weird bug).

Also, how do I tag other users? I was with another player when I saw the bug. Other people who passed by also saw it but I didn’t get their names.

Will post image as soon as I’m able to. I’m new to this forum lol

I believe you tag other users by typing an @ followed by their name like so: @Fugishima

Not every player will have a forums account though and their forums account name won’t necessarily match their player name.

As for the Melothat corpse, @AndyB summoned it while goofing around on the livestream yesterday. :v:

Well at least now I know why it’s there O_o. It was hilarious when we saw it.

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Haha! Imagine that being part of your first exposure to the game.

(I originally started in TSW around Samhain so I figured all of the decorations around Kingsmouth were for the event. Took me a while to realize that wasn’t true.)

I’ve been playing for almost a year but this is the first time I’ve seen this glitch

Here’s the screenshot I got. @Aris