Melting with the help of the oven

We have stoves as if it were feasible to smelt equipment? Weapons, tools, items based on iron, steel, hardened steel. Not from star metal, black ice or obsidian.

So you would not forced to leave everything that you could melt.


I realize not everyone here uses English as their first language, but I’m struggling to understand what you are suggesting.

Are you asking for a way to use the cooking Stove to create equipment, or are you asking to be able to recycle unwanted equipment in the Furnace? Just trying to understand… :thinking:

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lol indeed i used google translator xD

Well then another try without ^^

Its sad that we are not able to melt in equipment, dropped by NPCs for example axes, swords or tools with help the oven.

Actually if NPCs are dropping Weapons or tools, we just let them inside their corpse.
With this addition we are able to take - for example the steel axe and throw them together with brimstone into the oven and we get some steel bars for melt it. What kind of bar depends on the item that were melted in :octopus: If course you cant get Steelbars by melting Iron Axes :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe to think further, the common ironbar or steelbar drops could be removed and we only get additional bars - besides the usual way - if we melt weapons and tools or even Armor, the mid and heavy variant.

Just a thought beside while farming ^^


Ah ok, that makes much more sense! And yes, it would be very nice to be able to reclaim materials from otherwise useless items such as low-level weapons and armor.

Note that there is a mod that does this, but naturally that doesn’t help on official servers:

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I just loaded this mod on my dedicated server and it is working quite well.

It would be great for this to become part of official Conan Exiles games.

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would love to see that implemented as i play on xbox and don’t have access to mods

I like the idea of using the furnace to smelt unwanted weapons. Some kind of scrapper in general would be cool too


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