Menu crafting bug feat

US Rocky Mountain Region

crafting menu showing lack of recipes regardless of sorting selection.
Have all standard game feats unlocked. Have closed and reopened game. died moved around the map for a bit. only on person crafting recipes shown are the bottom torch to darfari weapons. No building structures, aloe extract etc. I have no Isle of Siptah or any dlc options and no mods to the game

Have you activated any of the filters?

went through every sorting filter twice travelled and died respawned and filtered back through all the sorting missing nearly all of the options. also made a potion to reset all feats and relearned them all. resorted and only 10 crafting options from the glow torch to the darfari axe and nothing above or below

These are all highlighted?



the problem seems resolved. it was a connection error. just tried logging in twice and no luck then I got in and menu problem was gone still kind of strange. Thanks for the attention to my concern


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