Merchant Thralls and Blizzards?

Merchant Thralls
Is it just me, or do other people want merchants in their cities?
I was thinking while looking at the CGI trailer, “that city must have some kind of market square”.
If merchant thralls were added to the game, they would be able to be given items by the player to sell. The player would be able to set prices for items. The currencies would be coins, of course.

Higher level merchants could be able to hold legendary items and sell them for quite a bit.

The way it would work is by allowing other players to strike deals with your thralls. The player would offer coin in exchange for an item. The thrall would store the coins for you to pick them up. You could then use the coins for whatever reason you want.

I think this sounds pretty cool and could add a whole lot of roleplay experiences. What do you think? It would also put in some use for those awnings.

Blizzard Weather System
Another Idea of mine was to add a blizzard storm to the game. They would be a lot like the sandstorm but do no damage and make the atmosphere a lot colder to the point of frostbite no matter what.
It would add a whole new challenge to the frozen north. I also just think it would be awesome to fear a huge wall of snow!

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We do have merchants in set city as well as various other locations around the map. I wouldnt mind more options from the merchants though and maybe a formal inventory screen when exchanging with them.

The weather systems makes so much sense its surprising it hasnt been implemented yet. We have sandstorms but no blizzards… How about a Monsoon in the jungle that inflicts poison if you are out in it?

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Honestly, a monsoon sounds epic! If they could make it so that the clouds come down low into a supercell, it would be something to fear! Supercells in real life are terrifieing!

Yea i want a thrall merchant that can sell my items with set price or specific item from trade

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