Merchants and More Gates / elevators

Hey there. Just a few thoughts

I’d love to have thralls that can trade for you if you are offline. Like the existing merchants I could let them sell silk i gathered for stone or whatever. I could regulate the requested amount. Like trading 100 silk for 100 stone and 200 wood. A player could walk up to that thrall and pay.

More gates. Like portcullis and smaller gates as well.
A bigger variety of bridges would be sweet too

I’d love to see bigger elevators as well. Maybe platforms that can be lowered and so like in a colosseum.

Animations on thralls as other folks requested.


Maybe some “fence gates” to go with the fences, as well as some shorter double doors that are two foundations wide and no taller than two foundations tall…

Maybe a new two by one “Basement” hatch that would work better with stairs?


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