Merge is a nightmare…

What an awesome experience you’ve brought to your game. I’m on PVE so I’ve spent most of my time building a nice giant base this past month only to find out that I have to rip it down and rebuild it. The best part of this experience is having to sit encumbered for weeks while these developers figure out how to merge their own servers…

A game I used to play daily suddenly came to a stop because of this merge that never even happened. I guess you really have to be a die hard fan to play after this nightmare of a decision they made. This ruined it for me, especially now that there’s more games to play.

I still don’t understand how they could start off that merge thread with “this game has seen a lot of growth this past year”… The game has seen so much growth that we have to delete servers?? Tf?


And did they even bother to test the “merge” before?

Also what “merge”? There isnt… Its a simple server transfer, but you can be over encumbered. Thats all. And yet, they still fliped it up…

And as you said, people who want to take many items with them, have to refresh their stuff now until?!?!?

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nobody is stopping you from transfering early. I know that, because I did

except the enc limit. Last i saw was you transfer ealry, you have to be <=99% weight. Merge is full 200 slots. Plus, they had it where you couldnt go back once you left. And also, there is no actual date now, so how many “normal” transfers. Oh yeah, on pvp, you now are a sitting body vault just refreshing. Plus why even do anything, you may not have room to take any new items. FUBAR FC.

That’s not a very intelligent :brain: way of approaching it tho… You can put all that in a box in your base and then tear down the base hours or even minutes prior to the merge. Doing it “weeks” in advance is rather silly.

Why, yes, they did! In several ways actually! Internally, to the public as “server transfers”, and then in small test increments for the actual merge ⛜ with the ability to roll-back.

I don’t get this idea of trying to pick up everything to the point of encumbrance. Mergers are soft wipes with extra steps. Meaning you keep your character but basically lose everything else. Why even bother especially on PVE trying to take as much as you can carry?

You can recraft most of the armor and weapons that are worth it. Your buildings are made with stone, wood, and steel, which are all materials you can get by clicking stuff. You all are making more work for yourselves than you need to. Just pick up a few things you can’t craft that you will need (no you don’t need 20 copies of Abkitan Daggers). A few chests, some tools, some of your T4 crafters, and call it a day. If you want to be fancy, get you some Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker fighters ready to be placed, if you don’t already.

You’ll be back on your feet in under a week with a better base anyway pretty much back where you started, just with less clutter.

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Well I tore my stuff down a few days before the merge day, now they are saying it’ll take a week (probably more) to merge servers because of issues. So that’s what I meant by weeks. So I’m kinda stuck doing nothing until it’s fixed.


Oh, I see… Yeah, that kinda sucks! Well, what do you need to offload, 4 or 5 large chests?

Could you do it encumbered? Just curious…

I have tons of building mats, stacks of tier 3 stuff. Plus all my advanced tables and such which had various mats in each of them. I know I have max items allowed but being encumbered you cannot xfer early or else id have to toss a lot of stuff. Cannot create new characters on these servers so I can’t take my stuff a little at a time. It’s really just a waiting game.

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True. This is the real fun of the game but, for some players not all :man_shrugging:. Some players, play this game years now and didn’t farm a single star metal node. Some players still go to Savanah to gain their first thick hide.
All they do is grind stones and wood with steel tools so they can build castles. They own map rooms because someone gifted them one, or a legendary for same reasons.
These players have exactly the same rights in the game as all the others and a really good reason to be afraid to start 0 again. Once I explained to a player how to get 600 steel bars in max 1 hour without using pick.
No matter if they can have 1 steel bar from 2 iron stones they will still smelt iron in to steel in the furnace :man_shrugging:.
They choose to play pve because these are exactly the things that’s relaxing them, their choice is fully respected.
So yes, for these players merge is a nightmare.
Closing, some pvp players used to have a pve account to go there and relax and spend thousands of hours to gain every single thrall and crafter of the game, or every greater pet. So they really have a great delima what to take, since 200 blocks is a hilarious limit for them :man_shrugging:.
I ain’t gonna say what’s wrong or right here, but I can surely understand the frustration and give sympathy to their issues, because I am a player and I have my own weaknesses too that others don’t.


If I tried to beat SMB1 without pressing right, it would be a nightmare for me too. But that’s an issue between my computer monitor and my chair. Not with the policy or procedure of a server owner.

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Totally agree :rofl::rofl::rofl:. We don’t have the hardcore mode in CE so I tried several times to succeed to remove bracelet on single player mode without dieing at all.
So yes I am a bit burned too here and don’t take me wrong my dear Capten, I never blamed the company for their choices, I never did, actually I embrace them as my choices too, but I can understand the others too, that’s all :wink:.

A few people here on the forums have implied that with the FC settings set for the coming merges it was (somehow) now possible to transfer while encumbered.

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