Merge purge and decaysystem

We all know the summer hollyday will come sone (or in 6 month depens wher you live) and Everything is gone when youre back cause of the decaysystem. But also found out that the purge cler out Buildings to effectivly so what not just change the system so if no one is online in the clan in X /time it triger the purge meter and quite sone the purge tacke care off the ruins. And that give the remaining player an fun optione to raid whats left after the purge. And you dont have to run around the hole map every week just to tag all outposts. But yes only on Buildings that come up to max recay Clock and not the singel blocks that remain in 6 h or what it is.

Then its a risk you can gamble on and do prerare for.

bump i Think its a grate idea