Merging-Date Server #6430

Last Information was Server 6430 will be merged at 09.03.
But since two days the Infoscreen when I log in is gone.
So is 09.03. still up to date? I took a day of from work to find a new Place to live in C. E. so I want to be sure :slight_smile:

Merges wwre put in hold to fix an issuebthat popped up during the first wave.



Now that the server merge process has started we will be closing this thread.
Thank you all for your feedback, questions, concerns and generous support comments.

If you are experiencing any issues with the merges please feel free to use Bug Reports sections on the forums.
For questions please make sure you use the General Discussion section.
For any feedback or suggestions, feel free to use the Feedback section.

If we have any additional updates on server merges then we will post new messages here.

I do not even see times and dates in the server list except for the top nine. so either the website stopped updating, or all of the server merges are complete or both.

Hey JJDancer

The dates have been removed from the list to to this issue: Trimming official servers - #973 by Pliskin

Hope this helps!

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Thank you, I see now that they still have not started the transfers except those nine?
Sorry I assumed when you said the process had started that they were merging again, but I understand they are still in a holding pattern for testing.
This answers the OPs question.

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For me there is no Answer.
I want a confirmation of the scheduled Date or at least a new Date.
Since the Trimming-Announcementi have nothing to do in C.E.
If Funcom cant handle the merge, give me at least the opportunitie to Transfer my Charakter
to the Target Server, even when i overencumbered.

Dont get me wrong. I have no problem with Funcoms decision, to merge Server. And i love Funcom Games. But the Communication und Customer Care is a Pain in the Ass

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So, when we get the new Dates?

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