Meshing and Exploiting on official PVP PS4


I am posting this with regards to a Chinese tribe who are using various exploits on multiple official PS4 PVP servers.
My self and a few other tribes on my current server have submitted reports about this exploiting clan but we are yet to see any outcome, as the mentioned tribe are continuing to abuse these exploits including building in the mesh, lag switching and attacking official server I.P’s and personal home routers with DDoS cyber attacks. It’s a shame to see so many genuine Conan fans leave the game indefinitely as a result of Funcom not properly handling and solving their reports system.

I have provided Funcom with all the necessary information including PSN names, videos and screenshots for them to ban these players. If we do not see any outcome from these reports then we will begin to expose all their used techniques on Youtube, Facebook etc. so that Conan will be riddled with similar exploiters and Funcom will have no other option than to ban said players.

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Been there, done that. Admins pretend you never existed. Good luck.

Not sure if that is the case in this scenario. But it is in many…the banned players just make alts and refresh their own dk timers. Keep reporting rhem, if they have been banned for the same issue, repeatedly, they will receive a permanent ban on their main accounts.

Then prolly build in their old bases and wait for dk to run out, then pick it all up on their alts and start the same process again…the undermeshing needs fixing, then this would not be an issue…


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