Message of the Day Isn't showing up

The message of the day on my PC server isn’t popping up when players log in. If anyone knows a fix for this already please let me know.

Happens on my server as well. I have tried editing the ServerSettings.ini file and setting in game, but it never shows up. This is especially annoying for my server because it is role playing and there are specific rules I would like to link to my Discord channel.

I’m in the same boat as you.

Hi there,

We are getting several reports of players experiencing the same problem. Does the message of the day ever appear after relogging into the game?

Hi there,

Same on my g-portal server, No way to show motd to my players
Also i find no way to broadcast players loging logout througth chat

any fix?

Same, no Motd for a couple weeks now.

No MoTD has never shown up on my server by Gportal

It was worth a shot. We have now reported the issue to the developers and they are investigating the issue further. There will hopefully be a fix implemented into the game soon. Please keep a look out for more information.

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Never show up to me too. Tested on my g-portal server and GC server.

Just wanted to create a new topic about the Message of the Day not showing up on my private server, but I have noticed it’s been reported already. In early access, this message was always being shown upon player’s login. Now, it is completely ignored.

yeah I really hope it gets fixed soon.

What actually would be even better, if we could set message of the day in chat window, since this pop up is quite obtrusive (it should be an option). What is also missing in regards to messages, is a way of setting automatic short chat messages that could be repeated let’s say every 2 hours. It would be really useful for my private server for all sorts of reminders about rules, discord and special event…

Hi Guys, I’ve never had this issue. Our Message of the Day has always shown up each time you log in.

Another Admin contacted me for some settings advice and did get your problem, turned out he hadn’t put the quotes into the message, once he did, the message appeared.

In your ServerSettings.ini file, make sure the line of text looks like this (not exactly of course :slight_smile: )

ServerMessageOfTheDay=“If you need to contact an Admin, Please visit: Discord:

ServerMessageOfTheDay=“Message Here” - You must have the “quotes”

Yep I know its already in quotes but nothing shows up.

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Fair enough mate, sorry it didn’t help you.
Just having - ServerMessageOfTheDay=“Message Here” does this not show either?

Same problem here. Thought it was working a few days ago but now no message is showing up. This is really frustrating. Bought this game after release but it is still early access and has many bugs. Too many for a proper relase. I’m kinda desappointed.