"Meta" base design tricks nerfed after early access?

I’ve been watching videos from 2017 about base design, but when I get in game, most of the designs just don’t seem to snap correctly anymore.

For instance, the fence foundation cross design for stronger walls…I can’t get it to snap to fence foundations in a + pattern, let alone in a 1x1 box. The second foundation can only snap to the first like a T.

Am I doing something wrong, or was this nerfed? I also can’t seem to stack gatehouses next to each other anymore, either. I’m having a ton of trouble sticking a fence foundation around a square foundation, but it’s still possible.

Does anyone know of an up-to-date resource/community for the base building meta?

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No one else has noticed this? :frowning:

Nobody really knows the meta yet, and almost every video that has been published before has been wrong, due to how the game has changed.

The Purge is half-implemented, and will greatly change how bases must be made. For instance, it will penalize building cliff-top bases, with skeletons that crawl through your foundations to attack your base from within.

I don’t bother with cliff-top bases — what really matters is getting right beside all the resources you’ll need. Build as close as you can to the cross-section of the three key resources (stone, wood, iron) without stamping out their respawn nodes. I’ve built on clifftops before, and really regretted all the wasted time that I spent climbing up there. If you play a lot, and like to build, you’re going to end up spending multiple hours just climbing. So just build on the ground, and use that time to have more fun rather than watch your avatar climb.

When I build, I start with a cell on the ground. Treat this as your keep. You actually want to build something resembling a traditional fortress. With each new room, expand on your initial cell. Fortify your walls by building more rooms on each side. Fortify your ceilings by building new rooms above. If you start to come close to resources that you’d rather not stamp out, then start to build a new building nearby in a place where there are fewer valuable resources. Ideally, you’ll be able to trap some iron, wood, and stone within your compound, weeks later.

Extending your claim radius is also essential to protecting against trebuchets. Build ‘outpost’ towers wherever you want to ensure that somebody cannot build a trebuchet. This will force them to take out the outpost tower first, or use expensive explosives instead to damage your main base. This will also force them to summon their avatar further away if they attempt to raid using an avatar.

The goal isn’t to build something that can never be raided, but to make something that you’ll enjoy playing in. Start small, build incrementally, and develop your base organically according to the most significant security demands.


what? it already was fixed

Some of mentioned designs can still be done. There are some limitations, but the biggest problem with “advanced building” is that building pieces cant be assembled in random order. And this leads to inability to replace broken piece - once it’s gone, there often will be no way to install new one without tearing down half of the structure

expensive explosives
LOL Jar explosives are stupid easy to make.

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Do you know how many explosive jars would it take to destroy a single t3 block?

10 and it give some damage to neighboring blocks

Well if u think about it resource vs resource explosive jar or not good
One explosive jar can make 75 steel reforcments with t2 thrall.- so defender has an savage of protecting his base. But treb is used to be cheaper then t3 defender. Iron is 5 times cheaper then steel.

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