Meteor showers come back

I miss the meteor showers from the early days. I havent seen one in months, maybe because they happen only few times a day.
Back in the days it was the most exciting thing when i was inside my house and hear the thunder and run out to see the stunning meteor shower in the sky and kinda guess where it was landing and running over there to gather starmetal ore.
I want it back like it was in the early days, dunno why it was changed, maybe tune it so it spreading out or something and not so many if that was a problem.


If I am at my mounds base I still hear the thunder from meteor showers so it is still happenng. And have witnessed them coming down when near the Frost forge but frequency isn’t that often.


I used to saw them from a dune where I had a shelter, just west of the Oasis near Sepermeru, it was nice seeing them from there because I think it was its starting point “entering the atmosphere”.

I think FC shortened the trajectory unfortunately.

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I remember the first time I saw them I was clear over by the Hand of the Maker on like my third or fourth day of playing the game. I had no idea how you got star metal yet so it was very cool and mysterious.

I literally just saw one today. I went north thought I should bring some demon fire in case I find star metal. It crashed down just north of me and I realized I forgot explosives of any kind. So it is still in the game.

Yes, before i could hear and see the metors night and day, first i hear the noise and when i look up i saw the trail, it was soo cool, and the most important thing was that i could see it across the map no matter where i was, so i know that they landed.

Yes there is enough starmetal for everybody i guess, but its the experience i want back

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ya it was a interesting experience. fire falling from the sky with a thunderous roar while I’m a fair ways a way. I was at the mounds of the dead neat the obelisk. I don’t know if it is visible in the south anymore. I don’t look for it. I can say in the North though it is very much visible for a decent ways away. It was likely as far north from me as I was from Set City.

I am at The Breach near asagarth but havent seen meteor showers from there in several months

I have yet to see a meteor shower in game (that wasn’t part of the disastrous Halloween event), and I’ve got around 150 hours (about 50 coop)

I suppose I could futz with the timer in the settings to make it happen sooner…

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I was extreme lucky and saw a meteor shower in the sky from where i was at D13 middle yesterday so i can confirm that it exist. But the thing is that i cant hear and see it from example middle of the map. Can someone confirm that they have heard and seen the meteor showers from any other place than the mounds or close to D13?

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I saw another meteor shower this week, also at D13 but i barely heard it when it was incoming, only when landed, it was the light that got my attention.
So what i think is the problem here is that i can only see the meteor showers around D13 on map, not anywhere else, i cant hear the sound of it either anywhere else, can Funcom confirm this please?

It would be really cool to have meteor showers randomly striking places all over the map from time to time. Maybe some would be stone, iron, or obsidian meteors while others would, occasionally, include star metal.

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I’ve heared a few while playing in the ice zone. But it’s overhead and the forest is thick. So I I never saw the shower and I don’t know where the meteors landed.

I’ve found plenty on the icy slopes close to the obelisk. But I never saw one actually fall.

Is it a bug that i cant notice the meteor showers anywhere else on map than in D 13?
And i mean while they are incoming in the sky.
(i already know that they land mostly around in that area and i can find and harvest them)

D13 is a clear and elevated area. It got the best chances to spot showers and meteors.
Meteros land pretty much all over the valley, as southern as Stargazer’s Crest on the brown rocky slopes. Just upscale them and give them a pink texture :slight_smile:

But you’re not going to find them in the forest.

I know, but the issue is that i cant see or hear the meteor swarm from anywhere else on the map than D13, why?
It worked when the game was in early access

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