Meteor storm pattern, totally unscientific, possible spoilers

I’m on an official pve server on a pc.
I have two bases in the desert that both have a fairly regular meteor storm in roughly the same area. One base is due west of the sinkhole the other is due east.

I was doing maintenance at the eastern base and noticed a fairly regular meteor storm up river from my base.

I timed the meteor shower 6 times and narrowed the frequency down to 17 minutes plus/minus 2 min.
All in the same area, centered just up river from the entrance to the arena. I started hanging out in the rough center of the shower at about 12-13 minutes into the timer just grinding mats and found myself in the center of it right on schedule.

The meteor loot is interesting from the mundane to stuff I have no way of getting. I’m happy about the small stockpile of legendary weapon repair kits I’m finding.

Also, You need to be fairly close, guessing 100 yards?, to the land strike to farm the meteor. Meteor strikes further/farther? away don’t seem to appear, only the purple, pink smoke is visible.

If anyone has more accurate times or distances throw em on here. If you find your meteor showers are random, let me know as well…it’s possible I have an aberration here.

Last thing. I have a base in the highlands and haven’t seen a single meteor up there yet.

Sounds about right from what I’ve experienced.

Well looks like meteors fall close to bosses. In savanna every 20 minutes accurate time, drops a stack of 5-12 meteors. But things aren’t easy coz of the white tiger boss and elephant. Looking for a safer place to gather them. Some other found at bat cave.

They drop east of the oasis where the rhino world boss is, and just south of the Shattered Springs Obelisk as well. Neither one gets you too much attention from NPCs, mainly just the skeletons near the Ob. I haven’t seen anything in the highlands or around the mounds of the dead, though its possible I may have just missed it. But yeah, its about every 15 minutes and you need to be close enough to have them render. Even then there seem to be some spots where there will be the haze but no meteor.

I live near the rhino world boss. Last night meteors just kept falling and falling and falling. I was actually making circuits picking up mats. I even got a star pick.

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