Meteors no longer have smoke trail

The mods that Funcom approved are now built-in, and that means there is a version for each platform. Maybe Funcom will settle with a mod for this, too. :thinking: :smile:

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Occasionally, people will delete more than they intended to, or more than they were supposed to. That also counts as a bug :slight_smile:

I understand that you’re only relaying the information you could glean from looking at the DevKit. I’m personally grateful for that, because it’s always nice to know more.

However, there are good reasons to believe this might still be a bug, despite what you can see in the DevKit.

As others have pointed out, it would be nice if they decided to reply with a definitive answer. They used to do that more often, and they still do it occasionally.

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if you say so
and yea, more communication would be nice

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its pain to find it on stone crowded areas, also when they hit the cliff walls, any one noticed if they appear in locate reources sorcery?

Have not tested it but they stated in the patch notes a while ago that detect resources now detects meteors

Really? That might be worth logging on test to check. Because set is pretty much a waste other wise.

ETA: Can confirm. Does it help to find meteorites? No. After running around for a while burning burlaps. I heard a meteor come down, hunted around, spotted it embedded in a wall out of spell range, got up to it and cast the spell again, look, a meteor. Still the best way to find meteors is running around like a man that has lost his car keys.

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