Metor shower-Bug

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[Describe the bug here] On singel-player PC, star metall metors havent drop, or workt for over a year.

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The meteor event happens at some point after the server is loaded in Multiplayer. In Single player the server side stuff is loaded new each time the game is loaded (basically resetting the server each time you quit and load the game)

This resets the timer for the Meteor. It can happen at any time but seems to usually happen a few hours after a server goes up (3-8 but I don’t know of a specific time frame)

Sadly this isn’t a bug per say. it does need to be fixed for single players.

However. For a while now (don’t know when it started I only recently went looking) there are spawns of Star metal in a few places (seemingly semi random don’t have enough data to say more) where Star metal will spawn without the meteor.

If you go through the area it falls and look for the smoke you will generally find a few isolated nodes… just 1 in a location in my experience. I don’t know if there is always 1 or several spawned but there is usually a few spawned. I will test this weekend and see if I can find locations where they will spawn.

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I’ve built a base in my SP located not far from the Frost Temple, just behind one of the two sitting statues there. I’ve noticed an interesting thing: when I was sitting here building for rather long time there were no showers. But when I was traveling from Tundra to my base and then back to Tundra I got two excellent meteor showers with some Star Metal nodes just near my base. Maybe you have to cross some border between two areas to trigger timer in SP, not just to teleport or to log in there?


ok so I just went on a search… in the middle of it about 90 minutes form the time I arrived in the north a meteor shower hit.

So I can say 100% that is is working. It is seemingly random. I was in the area of the shower for a good 90 minutes looking for nodes… and didn’t find any this time through but I was only about 50% through my search as I didn’t get to the frost temple area and just south I understand is another area… which is also where the meteor shower hit.

So basically it is a crap shoot. It does happen though. I will do more testing but Check the area around the frost temple and the Ymir teacher and usually you should find one or two… in theory. If not, hang out and wait for 90minutes - 2 hours.


Don’t need to wait around that long if you are wanting to do some testing.

Enable admin, and type slomo 10 (slomo 1 to revert to default). That will speed up time. It’s basically a faster way of bug testing things that are based on timed events like Purges or meteor showers.


I like to know real world times so I can say this is how long it will take rather than it should take about this time. With the coding issues in the game I don’t trust Slomo… I’ve also just avoided star metal. I won’t use it at all. There is no point as it isn’t reliable to get.

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What baffles me… is Star Metal has a specific purpose in the “lore” as it is a fairly recent addition and they don’t take advantage of it. If they had given it a Serpentman Damage Buff it would be very useful in the Volcano. Or even to cause unique encounters in places like the Volcano or Sepermeru where a Star Metal Weapon/Shield or even perhaps Silent Legion Armor would reveal serpentmen.

At the Very least it should have infinite durability. As Star metal never dulls or rusts. That would make it worth while to search out… but in Single player it just isn’t worth the time.

yea my star metals weapons should open a portal above each serpent man i kill and suck them into the void!

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See also

(I may be adding the following as a note.):

That is actually helpful I had not read that page as I search meteor shower not Star Metal. Good link :slight_smile: That seems in keeping with what I’ve seen. Though I have found Star Metal without having seen a meteor shower in total isolation… a single node on it’s own. So I don’t know how up to date that is. Also as I have used a regular picaxe which isn’t harden steel I don’t believe and the pages states you need black ice or hardened steel.

The timing info does seem to still be true. Though some changes are clearly made.

Just remember the Well of Skeleos may actually be in Set’s Realm there the metal would only cause them to vanish a short while before respawning. Which it self could be neat.

Either way the bare minimum is star metal should have unlimited or very very high durability which it does not. It is only slight more than hardened steel.

But meh…

Dragon bone is better as it is easier to learn, easier to get and is decent damage wise.

Feel free to test things out and edit the page. Here’s the help wiki if you want to help contribute:

The DevKit is free, so if there’s anything wrong with the timing, you can check if the calculation is the same. Something in the devkit and ingame can always differ.

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