MIA: The Chosen of Asura

Is this something that they’ve stopped doing?
I don’t play much anymore. But I have a habit of keeping an eye on the Forum. I have been disappointed to see no NEW Chosen being announced.


They say in Upcoming features under Other mentions No ETA
Implementation and recognition of additional Chosen of Asura. Delayed since Spring 2020 for various reasons


We are still waiting for the last 2 Asura’s to get their NPCs. Maybe on the new map …


You would think something that simple would be just announced on the threads naming the new Chosens. Why not say “Your new NPC will be found on the new map, congrats!”

The way they are doing now, to me, looks like they just dont care, and dont give two poops if they get into the game. I could be wrong, but I also, could be right. Communication is key, and we arent seeing that.


So, this fall? Next year? With the new map? When is that approxiamtely?

Saying “in a big update in the future” is pretty vague.

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Is it just me or are they playing us like fools? Serious question here.

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I don’t know exactly when. I can speculate that it’s later this year. You said they had been silent on the matter, and I only wanted to show you that they have commented about it recently.

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Welcome back, we really missed your beautiful posts here :+1:.


Were you around for the “Mother of All Patches” update? Because that gave a pretty good case for why giving people here a time to expect something is a bad idea.

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Thank you all for the responses. I’ve only been skimming.


Hard dates, yes I can agree can be difficult due to potential set backs. But I think we can also agree on that “oh they will be in the game some time with another patch eventually” isnt a great reply either. I can remember a long long time ago, these devs were gonna push an update every week (which didnt last long!) but now, communications seem to be at an all time low.

From what I saw in other thread asking, not forgotten, and likely will be with new map. (or before it)

Hey there,

This award is currently on hiatus. Will be resumed soon, once the pending Asuras receive their in-game NPC.


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