Microphone problem

Hello all.
I have a problem that I cant use my microphone in single-player game. BUT in the multiplayer it works without any problem. There is no symbol appearing when I push the push-to-talk key and my character does not open his mouth.
Is this because I am alone on the server or is that any settings issue? Voice chat is enabled by the server settings.
Thank you for any tips.

I’m not sure I understand. Why would you need your microphone to work in-game in single-player if there’s no one to hear you speak? Is this for a streaming thing? Some more details on what you’re trying to do might help. :confused:

I had someone else read your post to see if they could understand what you’re after. Their conclusion is that perhaps you are unaware that the in game chat only allows you to speak with others on the exact same server as you. If it’s something else then please clarify.

Hello. The thing is that I am also testing my own dedicated server. I play there alone for now to test it, so I also need to test if the voice chat is also working or not before I show the server to the world. I have the same problem there. For example in ARK: Survival game you can activate voice chat even if you are alone on the server. You can see icon that shows you the voice chat / push to talk is active.
So maybe I should open my server to public and test it with others. But I wanted to test if before to be sure everything is perfect :slight_smile:

Ah ok, that makes a lot more sense. So yeah, you’ll probably need another player to help you test audio, but first just double-check the following settings:

Hello. Thank you. I will do so and let you know.

OK. Its working when anybody else joins the server.
So confusing tho :wink:

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Glad it’s working now! :slight_smile:

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