Mid left of map crashes

PS4 pve official eu server 3026

Whenever my friends and I enter the mid left area of the map, basically following the river north from the oasis the game freezes. We reset the game but then the loading screen crashes.
If we delete the saved game data we can re enter the server but all our items are gone.
There are no building or clans in said area just npc camps.
Please can you post some sort of list of known issues, cause and time scale for fixes.
Please please please learn from developers like Bungie and not keep the community in the Dark.

The same thing happened to me except just recently. I spent all day building my base in the mid left part of the map and on my way back to my base to drop resources off it kicked me out. I reload the game and it spawns me in the desert and my bed doesn’t appear on the map anymore. So I run down the river and keep getting kicked.