Midget shrooms, make hyboria great!

I think we can all agree, if there is one good thing that can be derived from the Saga experiment, it must be the midget shrooms… alas, the shrooms are of limited quantity, maybe the remaining pastor/janitor//aromatherapist/taxidermist/developer could add a unlimited midget shroom morph?

My dream is to fill a raid with midgets.


So these mini people were no bug? I thought I got lots of bugs because there were some really small people running around, where did you get the mushrooms? From the item shop caches?

Wasn’t there also a mushroom that made you larger? I see conqs / guards use some atlantean mushroom (they have a buff called like that), the enlargement skill from veteran vendor and some of their talents to become incredible huge, higher than a raid boss.

was a random effect from eating mushrooms, you either got tiny or big.
And yeah, dropped from caches.

Do we get a +hit damage bonus if we can only attack the enemy’s knees and shins? Would there be a bigger hit damage bonus for the knees specifically, or both?

My dream is to fill a raid with midgets that aim for the shins!

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