Midnight Alchemist?

So far I gather there is no way to craft Potion of Bestial Memory.
Any plans about it?

Edit: The reason I’m mentioning it( I didn’t really mind not having it on Exiled Lands) is that in order to stay active in each of the Surge/Storm/Harvest stages, having to use Yellow Lotus Potion can become pretty annoying. Maybe it’s just my personal opinion but I felt I had to throw it out here!
Thank you!


You can craft the yellow lotus potion if its feats and attributes you want to reset

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Yes, but it’s about as pleasant as a kick in the 'nads. There’s a reason why Midnight Alchemist feat is so popular :smiley:


I got 3 potions of bestial memory from a boss, can’t remember wich, maybe a wherewolf.

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Yeah, but they decay in 2 minutes. So unless you can get to a fridge within 2 minutes, you would either have to go farm that boss every time you want to respec or use the old and much hated yellow lotus potion. :wink:

I wonder if there is a chance for it to drop somwhere…

Got a related question on the yellow lotus pot (and I guess the Beastial Memory pot).

I know the yellow one resets your feats and attributes, the Beastial Memory one only resets skill points but does it also erase the religion your character started with (so you have to use skill points to buy it back) and will it erase any new religions that I picked up via scrolls on the Isle of Siptah?

Didn’t want to reset everything and have to spend points to buy back the free religion (loosing those points) I started with and have to re-farm the religion scrolls.

The potions only reset feats that you unlocked through the feat GUI. Feats learned through scrolls, journals, lore stones and dialog don’t get reset by any of the potions.

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. If you ever get a different outcome, be sure to report it as a bug, so they fix it ASAP.

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I really think we need the possibility to learn the bestial memory potion somewhere. Yellow lotus is just so annoying.

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place them on a pet and they will last forever! then you can transport them to your fridge, a sabretooth or a horse works


I thought they patched that a long time ago, but apparently it still works! :metal:

Flesh of Remembrance is in the loot pool of Dogs of the Desert Wild Surge. I’ve got and used 1 piece not long ago. IDK where to get Raw Ash but I’ve never farmed around the Tower nor in the Maelstrom.

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Does it work for pets’ food? I’ve seen timer ticking on Savoury Flesh in my Lynx inventory and I’ve seen 00:00 on Human Flesh in my Dog’s inventory…

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I put them in my locust pet, they are still thre after 3 days…not sure if a bug or what


Right now literally every single mob spawned in the Maelstrom drops some Raw Ash, Demon Blood, Black ice, Brimstone and Tar.

I’m too young to die ))) I’ll try to get some decent Thrall first.


Bestial Memory Potion resets your attributes. Your feats remain unaffected by it.

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Midnight Alchemist drops in the vaults.
It looks like this:

The chance is very low so don’t expect to get it in the first run.
Best regards.


Thank you! Lots of love!
What kind of unit dropped it? Was it a Boss?

The big chest at the end of the vault.