Midnight Grove on my private server appears to be bugged

I watched several videos, people doing this when they are level 40, not super good equipment, two people bring maybe two tames. Not that great of ones.

So I have setting on my server boosted to like 4x easier for combat than normal, a mod that lets you bring three thralls. I can kill the hardest dragon in the unnamed city in maybe two minutes. I captured some Relic Hunter Slavetaker III from near supermeru, they have 5250 health, they help me kill the dragon in a few minutes flat.

I bring those same thralls to the Midnight Grove, they take forever to kill one of the pigs in there. When I get to the first boss, after the time it takes me to kill a boss dragon, its health has dropped 1% from 100% to 99%. Something is really wrong here. They were about 75% health, so I could see this was not going well, nothing like the videos I watched. I have pippi teleport, so I used that to abort the attempt.

I’ve been running the server a few weeks with these mods:
Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh
Less Building Placement Restrictions - No NPC Camp Building
Better Thralls v1.5.0 (Pickup & more followers)
Stacks, Weight and more (FullReleaseReady)
Clear Weather & No Rain
Improved Quality of Life

Any ideas what the problem is here? I don’t think it is the mods or the settings, but it must be something. Right after the failure in the dungeon, I killed a croc boss, just as a test. It took a few minutes just like normal.

All help is welcome, but lets not discuss why I like to play the game in easy mode, that isn’t relevant to why this dungeon is so bugged out on my server. I’ve played some vanilla Conan, the difficulty I’m seeing on the mobs in there is much more difficult than that. My wife loves to play on easy settings, so that is how the server is configured.

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Yes, they are a but tough now. They say that Midnight Groove is a lvl-60 dungeon.

If they are tougher now, then when were they changed? I don’t see anything in any patch notes. Also videos as new as one month ago do not show that this dungeon is any harder than when it first came out.

I’m seeing ridiculously strong bosses. Like 10x as strong of HP as the toughest Dragon boss. They don’t hit any harder, but just don’t take hardly any damage.

Even the stuff in there that is not a boss is very hard to kill. A hyena or pig in there is like 10x harder to kill than one not in a dungeon. I’ve never seen that in any other dungeon. A hyena that is not a mini boss or boss is the same everywhere, but not this dungeon on my private server.

Possibly the bug is actually that I’m not doing hardly any attack. Don’t know why that would be though. My thralls don’t put a dent in them either.

Normally one of the pigs (I think wart hogs?) I can one shot with the dragon bone spear I have. In the dungeon, it takes like 100 or more hits to kill it. There is just no way this is what everyone is seeing and thinking it is normal.

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Sounds like a mod problem… Someone else posted sth similar.

Look here: Midnight Grove issues

But there is no solution… But the problem seems to be the same. Midnight groove enemies have way tooo much health.

OK, this is looking like not just a problem with my server, which is good. If it was just me, I’d have no hope of solving it.

Also bro, be careful taking thrall there. They seem to vanish. If one does, go back to base and wait for it to return.

Remove stacks, weights, and more. That’s probably your issue. (Assuming it’s not a you lack the gear and Thralls type situation).

Here is an alternative that will work and doesn’t use data table editing ->

Or use one (or more) of LitMan’s various mods ->

Thanks Multigun, I will try that. I’ll experiment with it some this weekend and post here what I find.

I replaced the “Stacks, Weight and more (FullReleaseReady)” mod with the “Stacksize Plus v1.5.0 (DLC compatible)”. After that, the Midnight Grove was just as I expected it to be, difficult, but with mobs that are similar to what you find elsewhere.

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Good with sticking with what you’re wife likes. what we do on our server. Short nights and stay away from spiders :sunglasses:

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My wife doesn’t mind the spiders. She pretty much only wants to kill stuff and that could include spiders. No taming thralls, no building, no making stuff. Just murder everything :slight_smile:

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