Midwinter Event not work for me


Hello all.
Yesterday I did the quest for the first time. We were 3 in the group and had a hard time, the drinking and dancing party. We did it by equipping the mug from previous loot and we drunk 3 Asgardian drinks each that we picked up from around the fire. Cannot remember atm of I had another player targeted.
As for the quest problem, did anyone try to update quests in the achievements npc that there is in each hub? Does it work if you talk to him?


I’m pretty sure it can only be done once per character. One of the hot fixes they had to do yesterday was to clear the quest from everyone’s list so it could be done this year.


While I’ve seen in chat people saying equip the drinks you get from the loot boxes in your off hand so you can switch to your weapon to fight the boss, all I did was activate the drink straight from my inventory panel.

What the 2 groups I did it which (on 2 different characters) was target then /sit - that one seems to ‘activate’ / show completed pretty easy, then we stood and had to drink 3 times before that one would show completed, then as soon as we both started dancing it went to the cut scene for the Bosses arrival.


I’m not sure about that, because i see some toons doing it non stop.


Well you can only get the ‘misplaced gift’ from your claims the one time, but sure you can group and go do it to help out others, you just won’t get the loot at the end.


It would have been nice if this event was repeatable at the least once per day. It was just fun. Regards.


Indeed, I even like to see it expanded, more group actions like the drinking and dancing- it was almost (gasp)roleplay. It was fun😀


For such a simple little quest chain I agree, repeating it wouldn’t be bad. And it’s not like the Con. Village Halloween seasonal where the cloaks you get are worth some good vendor coin.

Didn’t pay enough attention to the vanity armor’s, but the other items only sell for 1 tin so farming it wouldn’t break the bank.

Only problem with hanging out and going in with others to make up numbers in groups would be once you drink your stouts you get from the actual quests, getting more to participate could be a problem.


There are a lot of tankards around the area, which you can pick up and use for the quest. :beers:


I think the suspicious boxes were better for the expertise points than actual cloaks