Migor The Reliable (a named Thrall candidate) is insane?

While making my way to the North to harvest some fur, taking my usually less dangerous route which passes by Bonepicker Camp, I couldn’t help but hear some commotion going on within that camp. At first I thought maybe a hyena or some other fearsome creature had wondered into the camp and one of the local resident exiles was attacking it.
I couldn’t see what was going on, so I climbed up onto the rock outcropping to spy on the camp. To my amazement, I see one of the Dogs of the Desert attacking another one of his own tribe. This is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this happening.
Apparently this one particular NPC has gone insane.
He couldn’t kill the others until I instigated some kind of action by shooting one of the others he wasn’t attacking. Sure enough, they wouldn’t aggro on him and he’d end up killing them with an iron mace.
When he ended up as the very last one standing in the camp and while he was heading back to his spawning point (I guess), I caught up to him and put him out of his miserable existence. That’s when I discovered he was a named NPC, “Migor The Reliable”.

Since I’ve never before seen anything like this, I thought it was worthy of note and to post this incident here. I don’t know if anyone else has seen anything like this happen.
It might be a bug, it might not be. I just don’t know.


Some of the new crafter thralls are hostile to NPCs of their faction. It happens in Sepermeru, too.

Why that is? Who knows.

Maybe it’s a bug.
Maybe the old crafters are jealous or don’t like the new competition.
Or maybe, the new thralls aren’t really members of their faction, but serpentmen impostors trying to infiltrate the human factions of the Exiled Lands. And if you take them into your base, they will later turn on you and silently kill rare thralls while you’re away.

Ah, well. Probably just a bug. A man can dream, though. A man can dream.


Take a trip to the volcano, specifically to the little bridge that goes east from the Terrace of the Tenders towards the Shrine of the Oracle. You’ll run into a T3 fighter, usually Hyborian, who will aggro you. Run away west, to the Terrace of the Tenders, until you’re safe. Then go back, and see that same fighter now attacking the crafters standing there.

The team has messed up the hate lists of certain NPCs. This particular example has been like that for months now. It has been reported as a bug, duly acknowledged, and left to rot. :man_shrugging:


Ah well, on Migor anyway … I didn’t have to aggro him. He was already attacking his own tribe when I came near the camp and it was the first time I’ve ever witnessed something (anything) like that happen.
Actually thought it was hilarious.
One thought was he might be an easy capture. I even considered just walking up to him and try talking but him being a named NPC I knew that wasn’t going to be easy. On second thought I figured it was best to put him out of his misery.

Always Hyborian. If it’s not a Hyborian Fighter III, it will NOT be aggressive towards other NPCs. That’s the only area where I realised that tho. Never saw it with crafters before


Must be some rare form of rabid paranoia.
So, there are only two victims of this rare illness?

There a few more but it has to do with the hate list that funcom altered some time ago at that point everything was killing everything me and at the time pvp server none could not fight each other because all ai was on a murder spree and we went from the exiles land to war of the exiles lands

Ps who :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: of crom because he’s pretty happy right about now

So, complete speculation:

All Non crafting thralls come off the wheel set to, “Attack all Enemies.” Some named thralls, when they spawn into the RNG spots will see everything as an enemy as soon as a player enters the rendering area because they are not true members of their named groups.

Additionally, this “attack all enemies” setting, I surmise, is why we see rhinos and scorpions, gators and hogs, etc., attacking each other while leaving the wildlife alone.

To surmise it all;
At first when I stumbled across this, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It struck me as hilarious, even if it didn’t reduce my cost of arrows when I decided to intervene.
Anyway, my judgement of Migor the Reliable still stands …
he’s insane.