Milestones and Anniversaries (2000 hours and loving it)

Full disclosure: I have played a lot of games. A lot of episodic, long-story grinders, gone in a weekend. Legendary transitional games with massive puzzles that stump players for months, meh, done like a coffee table puzzle. The thing is consumed.

My bar for great games is very high. Before now the best game I ever played is Red Dead Redemption. It still hits me right in the feels, and fills me with a sense of sadness and longing.

Unlike most games, Conan Exiles is a story you assemble on your own. If you just want to cut people up, you’ll care little for the Harlot’s Journal except for how it may relate to loot. But if you take your time, the whole of the lands begins to tell a tale.

I was reviewing some old photos from my very first Official Server. Absent my accomplishments, my grand tower and Cathedral, my beginnings of PVP are memories and passive pixels. This storyless, uncultivated game of barbarians has filled me with a true sense of loss. And I love it.

2,000 hours | 1 year & 12 days

Please share your odometer readings and a favorite story + snapshot.

My tower was built solo in Tier 3 on a 1X Official server, with no thralls. It grew from jungle ground level, around the area of what would become the Albino Lizard Cave.