"Minecraft" graphics in openworld pvp with low fps

Whats the point in advertising open world pvp in regions that look outdated and all graphics tuned down looking like minecraft still yield 20 fps on a decent PC? whats wrong with tesso in general? In old forums I found you know crappy coding in this region for years. If your engine cant handle more than x ppl on a map why you enable it for a slide show? For instance JS is good both in map size as number of ppl on map. Again you advertising open world pvp and your game is technically not adapted to it beeing 10y old? Ofc you suprised more then 10 ppl now play open pvp as compared to fury right?
Why would you think ppl come back or stay on fury after saga if the only thing that fury adds does not work properly?

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I used to be running around in Zelata sometimes with 20fps and sometimes with 5 times that. There are some areas more affected than others but there is a fix for it. I don’t think I should post it on the forum as it might put some load on CS when people being unable to reverse after the fix.

If you mean OC i dont touch it. Not for a 10y old game. Other than that i am curious. IMO they should just Limit # of concurrent ppl on map. Its one variable and problem eased.

No he’s talking about a game setting (present in the config files but not the in game interface). There is an element of the Wild Lands landscape that is very buggy for some reason.

Well its easy to revert back the config file or? So whats the secret setting? And why not applying it as default? Does it harm anywhere else?

Only harm is that it deletes all your emails.

Zelata FPS fix is just reduce view distance. You can see miles of terrain and structures on that map so FPS tanks if you don’t have a godly rig.

Thats not all. I get 100 fps in regions in wild lands where i see far to the horizon. And around tesso where view is pretty blocked, especially also the road that goes south beeing like a tunnel its down. Add ppl around and you ground zero.

Tesso, much like commons district has horrible optimization. It is what it is.