Mini games are Dead

I’m on Fury and there is no minis or raidfinder.

Isn’t that the case for almost 2 years now?

No it’s been the case since the introduction of the Sage of zath server. Although RF has never taken off on Fury, Minigames were steady until saga.

RF still happens on fury but in low numbers, there’s about 3-4 runs every monday evening. As for minis, they might pop once every blue moon.

Once upon a time there was minigames 24/7…

Its time for Funcom to rebuild Age of Conan and publish a new game!
Use Unreal Engine like in Conan Exiles, make to combat system action-based (Tera, ESO) and lets have fun again 24/7 :slight_smile:

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will never buy another funcom game when they can’t even fix their current catalogs.

Last mini game was 2 weeks ago. :frowning:

transfer to crom or roll another character there like everyone else did if you are bored to stay alone on fury. and please stop with the same “fury is dead” threads every other week …

But fury IS dead :frowning: It is not fare that I pay for transfer for things that our not in my control :frowning:


Yeah, I think so.