MINIMAP Configurable

I know that this have been already asked some times,

but i want to insist on this idea cuz i saw some bad argumentation on last threads about this and i couldnt awnser cuz the threads got closed …

1 - You think its funny opening your map all the time?
well, just desactivate the minimap on configs then, simple, solved your problem!
(ofc that config would be nice to be implemented too)
also, for those argument about being realistic and beautiful opening the map… the minimap opened small is not realistic why? in real life you cant walk with a map on your hand and giving a little looks at it??
…just admit, that would only HELP

2 - “Mini maps are for RPG’s not for Survival’s”
thats totally bul ls h it , just because that maybe happened in the lack of work of survival’s developments it became a rule? bad argumentation, there are NO RULES, and can do the Game the way you want, and minimaps are used in thousands of game styles

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