Mining and stonework

As a Dwarf Fortress player, when I see rock like this I just want to hollow it out, shape it into a fortress from the inside, and polish it to glassy smooth shine.

The exterior is a lot to work with, but I miss the opportunity to carve a castle out of living stone.

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Oh gawd, I hope Conan doesn’t go voxels. :confounded:

Hmm. If they actually leverage the separate areas zone in smartly like UE5 allows, digging into the terrain may be feasible. That way they don’t have to hide dungeons in clunky ‘sub level’ areas.

I would recommend that digging deeper than 1 or 2 blocks gets progressively harder though. Don’t make it too easy to turtle deep into the ground! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice video. I would love to be able to dig around in CE. I think that would be cool.

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Voxels can’t do what I was talking about, which is carving the interior into a fortified complex while leaving the exterior mostly intact. Like a jack-o-lantern, but with a mountain.

You could sort of do something like that in No Man’s Sky. The only catch is (like a lot of stuff in NMS) it doesn’t exactly work the way it should.
I mean it’ll be fine for a while, but go away and come back and poof! Your newly hollowed out home is suddenly under a landslide of rock again.

Still, for that brief twenty minutes before I flew off somewhere else, it looked pretty good.

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Oh , thats a good point.

If you were to build something like this with a construction mechanic similar to what CE has now, you surely would have to factor in the weight of all the soil and stone into your build, no?

Or perhaps the deeper you go, the less support you would get? (assuming you were tunnelling underground)

You’d be surprised at how spacious natural karsts can get, without losing structural integrity. But I think it’s good practice if you widen an area more than 50x50 to leave intact pillars of natural stone at intervals, and if you plan to expand in height, leave those pillars even wider. I wish I could draw a picture to illustrate, but I don’t know how to do that with these forum tools.

I’m not really that thrilled with how No Man’s Sky does this. I don’t think it fills in around your base too. I logged out and had my half-cave still there, but none of my base items. SO annoying.

Certainly, it was one of my first suggestions some time ago. You know I had a great connection of minecraft in Conan exiles. My thoughts was like, hey minecraft is a simple game and I can do this and this awesome game can’t? Ofcurce you understand my mistake here and hopefully @CodeMage a lot of times embraced my lack of knowledge of gaming programing, so he explained me very kindly why some things just cannot work “so simple” as I thought.
Yet, a lot of times I felt the gaming nececity to have a creepy basement, or a cellar. Arena pieces can make such a catacombs atmosphere in the game.
Similar building pieces other dlcs have, but arena pieces are unique for these reasons.
In any case all I can say here is that it would be really nice, so cross fingers and maybe one day we will be able to do it, you never know :man_shrugging:.


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