Mining in Conan exiles

You could place a mining entrance on a wall were a vein is. gold, silver or iron and then place Mining thralls on it.

Kind of like putting down a well but having to look for a metal vein 1st

This would give you a gradual increase in whatever it is your mining.


yea i want something liek that too, maybe place a mining station near nodes, like 4-7 ft/foundations away and they would go to the nearist node and mine it non stop and bring in minute resources

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Exactly like what I was thinking :+1:


Can not be locked for non-tribemembers.

nope that would not work and here why The engine has a Culling process if no one is around within 2000 meter ( i could be wrong on the range) of the map it get deloaded and reserved to save on server resources.

Now a way around that would be to fake it like putting a well in the ground but its for mining only And they could make the thrall to find the material but it would be random based on rarity and based on how many thrall you have in it as well as what Tier of thrall you have it in there. Just thinking about that just makes me want to make it.

Yes all resourses are gone around a building, but for a resourse mining station it can imagen they just aouto harvest (whats original supose to spawn) the thing around them. But the war around rare nods can be a mess!