Mining several nodes at once

if ya line your hit up right to hit 2 or more nodes of stone er whatever, and get them at the same time, does it save tool durability? …any math guys???

It does save durability, durability is consumed per swing rather than per hit. Very useful way to save durability when you can and a fast way to harvest.

It sounds simple enough, but there isn’t one type of node, and each type has a different role to play in helping the blockchain network function correctly.


My record is harvesting 6 nodes at once, it was done with a pickaxe in Vulcano :smile:

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Are you sure about this? When I tested this (admittedly, a long time ago), hitting two rocks at once ate two points of durability from a pick. It’s entirely possible that this has been changed since and I just haven’t been paying attention.

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I agree with Kapoteeni, my experiences suggests it’d cost two “hits” of durability if you hit two nodes (still worth it due to the saved time of course).


Hmm, upon further inspection you both are correct unsure why I remembered it differently.

Hmm you might be right, gonna test this at some point harvesting a specific point where rocks are close together to see if the durability differ between harvesting them several or just a single at a time :slight_smile:
If you are right then durability doesn’t depend on hits with a tool but rather the amount you harvest which I find a bit weird.

Just tested it by using a fresh pickaxe on 2 small single rock nodes and another fresh pickaxe on 2 small rocks close together harvested with half the amount of swings, they have both lost the same amount of durability, so it seems like tool durability is tied to the amount you harvest than the use of the tools.

Durability shmurability, it’s just plain satisying.

kew, thx guys 8]

Makes sense.
It only saves time then.
Like how the minute details like this seem to be more thought out than something major like infinite storage of timed tokens.

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