Mining Stone Your Best locations?

So currently I mine stone in the highlands around G9 I can fill my T4 Barer but takes a while as it’s all spread out. Where is your best stone mining spot? I’m talking 25k + spot. while we’re on the subject do you think Godsclaw Passage is best for Iron?



mounts dead near or across the ice bridge for iron
volcan for stone

Stone is everywhere but I want a built up deposit of it. But I will check out tower of bats for Iron thanks

Godsclaw Passage and around is my fav spot cause i can farm there both. Stone and Iron. And if i need i take some wood, too.
I am in farm build, using armor of asura and encumbrance on max.
This way i can carry a lot with me


If you are in the endgame and farm for thralls in northern region, you will probably never need iron again. Like me…
I dont even need steelfire anymore. For what? Kill north NPC camps, you get so much steel…

I often farm stone at the volcano area. But I have an outpost there…

Another way to get iron, gold or silver: Rocknoses!

Scorpion Dungeon Cave by Sept City.

Right after you enter, go in and to the right is a wall of stone. Be careful, as I have lagged pretty hard because you are striking like 5-6 nodes at once.


Ya, On ps4, you get like 7-9+ hits a pop and I’ve blue screened my ps4 doing this one…

I avoid the section from now on…lol.

I’m in SP mostly, So…anywhere… Buy time I circle a small area, its respawned.

I tend to go above boundary spillway, along edge and cliffs. rarely anyone there online.
I go east to one blackhand camp and north abit. Not alot of enemies or …well anyone really.

Nice and Quiet and peaceful. (I live east of Telith Island… Pretty easy walk for me anyway)

Stone? Definitely the volcano. With the right tools and the right attributes, you can get approx. 21k in 15-20 minutes. There are many areas where stone nodes are clumped in such a way that one swing hits 2-4 nodes. If you know the volcano well, you can get 100k or more in less than two hours – a long slog, but that way you don’t have to do it too often.

If you need some stone really quickly, you can get something like 4k from the landslide inside the abandoned mine near the Jawbone. It’ll take you less than a minute to get those 4k, but that’s it – then you have to wait for it to respawn.

As for the iron, the two best locations are the Godsclaw Passage and the area around the Tower of Bats. You’ll get a slightly lower yield around the Tower of Bats, but it’s somewhat safer and less popular.

EDIT: I forgot to specify that all these figures are for official PVE(-C) servers. If your server has harvesting multipliers – and I’m not sure, but I think official PVP servers do – then apply those multipliers to what I wrote.


I use this place often. I build furnaces just outside the area. that way i am cooking brick while farming taht dungeon. And if you bring a thrall, you can farm for high tier poison gland, skeleton key, and if you have time the boss rhino key nearby. Very efficient run. In 1 hour, 32,000 (on PVP) stone, 4 keys, 4 legendaries, plus good amount of poison and silver. Even a good chunk of Iron. Best part is even with 4 unmanned furnaces, i can have about 1000 brick cooked while i finish the farm.


I do it in the Silverstone mine. There you can get an INSANE amount of rocks in a few spots, like one swing lets you hit 6 or 7 stones.

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While the 2 main sources for stone have already been mentioned here,
I want to add my number 3 location, an oldschool confidential tip:

  1. rockslide in the silvermine + rest of the mine (B6 / C6)
  2. volcano
  3. around the boss “rockslide”, near godsightspire, fingerfang rock, sandscour pass (D7 / D8)
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On Soloplayer I have crashed to desktop a few times. :laughing:
I still go there. It’s a good place to farm resources, even at early game before you can beat the bosses.

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Yeah, I haven an own T3 bearer at my volcano outpost, for randomly stone farming. With the oil of bounty, 25k are done within 15minutes or faster.

Maybe I’m being stupid but I don’t see loads of stone to mine when I get into the cave?

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Actually I think I found the bit you mean it had 5k in one lump was quite cool

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Beautiful question and i saw that you get some really good answers too. However i’ve seen that there is a spot tha it wasn’t mentioned. Ofcurce if you play online you know that if someone build close to an area the spawns are destroyed. Still i will try to point you a place that if you farm it all, playing normal mode, with black blood pick, over 45k of stones await you and the environment is really peaceful like the one you farm in the north.
You know the little lake that the crock 3 headed boss spawns close to the noob river. Over this lake area start farming. All this area and especially on the edge of the mountain is full of stones. At least 30 k . Your only opponent is a kudo :joy::joy::joy:. Then take the road up but turn left to the direction of the darfari village thatvyou found razmas journal. There you will get 10 to 15 k stones. If you need more, continue to the iron farm point across and under the tower of bats. You will go back with over 65k stones and about 45 k iron. Good farming dude :+1:.


Mounds of the dead is best bet I feel. Good luck

How was the lag. On PVP official, it is 10,000 :slight_smile:
Also, how bad was the lag for you? I get huge FPS dips when i mine it.

Volcano nets me around 55k in about 15-20mins. Haven’t found a better place.

good point. If you are willing to explore as you farm, the desert around summoners along all those cliffs is plenty of stone and Iron. and decent bark as well. wood is pretty scarce. But wood is easy enough in West New Asagarth/all of mounds.

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