Minor bugs report and improvement suggestions

4 or 5 hours in and loving the game but wanted to share few minor issues and teething ptoblems I’ve experienced so far as well as a few quality of life improvements that I hope the devs will consider.

Characters stuck in hide mode:

Occasionally I’ve had a glitch where Borman when leaving hide mode will remain in the hidden pose/animation and will glide stuck in this state rather than walking as he should.


I feel there could be some expansion made to the control options. Specifically being able to move the characters using LMB rather than WASD. And also the ability to remap the default Fwd and Back side buttons present on most mice.

Quit to Desktop:

Now this is extremely minor but a nice quality of life addition would be an option to quit to the desktop from the pause menu rather than having to quit to main menu and then quit game.

Fast FWD enemy combat:

Could this be bound to a different key rather than space? On occasion I have been skipping the enemy turns using this feature and by holding the key for slightly too long has caused me to accidently move my character on my turn where I did not intend to do so.

Quick save/load:

Another quality of life request would be a Quick Save and Load function, most games of this style tend to have this feature generally bound to F5 and F8. If love to see this added to this fine game.

Mouse Lag and stutter:

I was experiencing mouse delay/lag which seems to be tied to fullscreen windowed mode. Switching to fullscreen seemed to resolve my issue personally but may need looked at?

Resolution scaling:

This slider bar could use some clarification as currently there is no indication of what it actually does.

Anyway, this is just some minor feedback and suggestions which can hopefully help in perfecting this already amazing game. Really enjoying the gameplay and story so far, hats off to the devs on a smashing job.