Misaligned/Disconnected platform on Black Galleon (Age of War beta)


Levitating board and partially floating NPC suggests misalignment.

Coordinates: 82437.5625 95778.070313 -6860.68457

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This isn’t from AoW… it’s been in a while. Since the 3.0 update possibly (maybe before? Can’t remember)? It’s on live servers.

Long before 3.0. I think it was around 2.1 that it got messed up. It has been reported repeatedly ever since.

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Yeah… that’s what I thought. I know I felt like I’ve been seeing it for a while.

Here’s my first report, but I know I saw reports before me. The broken bridge and “burnt” pieces seem to have been fixed, but that spot and the other platform to the north are still waiting.

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you provide more information regarding this issue?

Can you share which game mode did you notice this on? (ie. Singleplayer, Co-op, online)
If online, please also share the Server name, please.

Thank you in advance.

This was in single player.

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