[MISC] IDEA Dressing Room (Instance and mission)

Dressing Room: Instance and Investigation Mission

“Solo Instance”
A solo instance in which you Can dress your character in color nuetral setting.
Secondly, have a executtable cutscene to view your character in a HQ scene the way the game does it for cutscenes.

Location: Venice (Inside One of the Test Chambers)
Requires The achievement from finishing the Investigation mission

You walk into the test chamber and there is a clothes rack that takes you into the dressing room menu/gui but with stable nuetral lighting, so you can clearly see the colors of your outfit. Once you have selected the outfit you are happy with, you can then press a actionable “play” button that starts a cutscene designed to showcase your character in HQ with swooping, dynamic camera angles.

Investigation Mission: Fashion Shoot

Mission Idea: Morning Light is preparing to do a photo shoot for promotional material to get new recruits. Intel says Marquard may even show up. You are tasked with going undercover as one of the models to gather info.

In order to make the cut and to not get recognized, you need to go through a few tiers.

TIER 1: visiting the surgeon in New York to get some facial reconstruction done, so you won’t be recognized.

TIER 2: The next would be going to Achams Razor to get your hair and makeup done.

TIER 3: Go to the Fashion store in London to get recruited.
Involve having to do an emote or something.

TIER 4: Go to wherever they are having the shoot. NOT sure on that.
But then you have to run around backstage
A. find a password
B. flirt with the photographer?
C. hack a laptop and read the e-mails from Marquard.
D. Do the shoot (inside a test chamber that’s NOT in Venice.

TIER 5: Then you download the program from the shoot,

TIER 6: Go to kaidan and visit the hacker girl, who installs a backdoor on the program

TIER 7: Go to venice, install it on a test chamber, look for clues about Marquard (Maybe John?)

TIER 8: Fight off waves and boss of anti-virus monsters while Hacker girl does her thing.

MISSION COMPLETE: Dressing Room and Virtual Photo Shoot cutscene unlocked.