Misc Suggestion Items

Here are a few more suggestion items that I’ve taken notes on:

  • Please increase the distance at which the names draw above a persons character. I literally have to send right next to a person to see their name. Even then it doesnt show up all of the time. There’s a joke in our clan about each person color coding their armor so we can tell who is who. I’m not asking for it to be placed immediately, but if its at 30’ or so, that would be nice.

  • Increase the amount of items that can be pinned on the map. I have run out and it wont let me delete them either. Its very annoying as I cant remove old locations to place new ones.

  • Allow us to color code pins. I’d like to be able to mark friendly and enemy castles and being able to color code would be nice as a visual glance.

  • Tell us the armor value in the crafting area so that we dont have to craft an item to be able to tell what it will be. Its just annoying to have to go look at a wiki when it should be available in the game.

  • Please Please PLEASE put all of the key bindings in the Settings area so that I dont have to go search for it in an INI file. Most notably the “Loot All” key which is hardset to F. I used ESDF instead of WASD for my movement so having the Loot All on F really does suck. I eventually found a tutorial on how to change it but it was a giant pain.

  • Binding a key to Mouse 4 and 5 doesnt seem to work properly. Like I cant put my dodge on it for some reason. I think it might not be setting it properly in that INI file.

Love the game