Miscellaneous Bug Report/Fix Request

Consecutive usage abilities and weaponry ( Blazing Bolts, Hell-Forged Warhammer maybe? ) are still losing their stacks if you use Vali Metabolic Accelerator.

Cyclones from Dark Agartha continue to last well after their animation has disappeared, which can sometimes lead to you getting knocked around by an invisible ability.

Feral Traian’s claw slash cone ability has a much larger cone than it appears to possess. You can stand outside of the chalk lines, on the sides of the boss, and still get hit with the ability/bleed.

Some pieces of terrain meant to block abilities in dungeons also block equipping gadgets that teleport you in the direction of the terrain. The best example I have can provide of this is the bridge fight with Dr. Klein; if you try to equip something that teleports you forward while near the fallen pillar which blocks Wave of Mutation, it will tell you that you’re “Unable to dodge in that direction.” This is also true when you try to equip the same gadgets next to areas that lead to falls.

Signet of Laceration has no buff icon above your health bar, but it is mentioned in combat logs.

Blast Crater ( Charged Blast’s passive ) reads as if it is supposed constantly reapply its slow if the target remains in the radius, sort of like the Elemental special abilities apply their effects. Instead, it will apply the DoT and snare once, and will only reapply the snare effect once the original snare effect has worn off, sometimes without reapplying the damage component. It also has no animation so you’re unable to tell where the zone of effect is, nor does the passive tell you how long it’s supposed to last.

Hell-Forged works fine with Vali, Blazing Bolts is the one that is bugged.

This is probably intended, as part of the non-core buffs were made invisible with the SWL’s release. You can still track it if you need to with EffectsUi while checking the “invisible buffs” option.

If you’re mentioning this sorta thing, Eruption’s ground targetted area is incredibly finicky and cannot always hit targets over steps in the ground (most obviously Melothat in the 6th Ankh fight, and the NYR Lurker) even if they’re closer than its 9 metre long range. In both cases there’s a ~50cm large point on the ground where you do hit it but getting closer to the boss makes it miss.

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I don’t know about Ankh, but Nirvelle mentioned that the Lurker’s hitbox is getting fixed.

I think that was more of a fix for it being incompatible with reticle targetting; if you’re facing the lurker from up to about 12m away, your reticle only selects the lurker, not adds, which makes it a little tough to actually kill Hulks and filthy Soldiers.

Of course that’s also not fixing its own underlying problem that reticle doesn’t work when you have 2 targets in the same line of sight, as it prefers the farther one.

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I’m not positive but I think Signet of Quickness, Ashes of Shriven Souls and a few other items all have icons which appear on your bar, so Laceration not being included is a little weird. I also considered mentioning that it’s not visible on the default UI, because so many of us EffectsUI, but there should be some uniformity without requiring modifications. Does “core buffs” mean ability buffs?

Some more bug posting/weird interactions:

Some mobs, particularly mobs in Occult Defense but not strictly limited to them, are showing up as having 0 HP and having a green tinted health bar instead of a red one. You can still attack the monsters during this time, but their health stays at 0 and they don’t appear as hostile, because their name changes colors like it’s an allied NPC. They still retain normal behavior. Mostly commonly I see this happen with revenants and the connected groups of small/weak spawns that bounce their buff around.

Recently, during content involving 5+ people, I’ve noticed that you’re able to hostilely target tanks with your cross-hairs. Instead of appearing where a normal player would appear, their health bar appears in the enemy location on the default UI so you’re able to see their health/buffs/any shields being applied to them. You can’t actually attack them, and this will only happen for a brief period before fixing itself, but it is noticeable.

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I don’t really know better, maybe they decided at some point that Laceration was just not important enough to warrant a buff icon (and it kind of… isn’t, indeed).

Blood abilities Eldritch Scourge and Runic Hex apply (and prolong) Debilitated with every tick of their DoTs instead of just initial cast. Which leads to them applying more than 10 seconds worth of Debilitated per cast in contrast to single-hit abilities like Kill Blind or Trick Shot (which apply 10). This happens on both Live and TestLive so it may be the intended behaviour.

I wanted to add one that may still be happening in Dark Agartha, but I’m unavailable to test it currently.

On the long branch spawn that involves the mob teleporting progressively further along the branch until they’re at the end, it’s possible to start the fight with the boss by hitting it a single time, then running all the way to the end of the branch. As you do so, the mob will teleport as it would, but when it reaches the end of the branch AND falls below a certain health threshold, the boss will no longer fight back.

Elemental Control only appears to apply on the initial cast of the targeted ground spawn abilities of Elemental, which got me to thinking about what @LexXxich posted about Eldritch Scourge and Runic Hex. Following the logic of the ticks of damage reapplying Debilitated, shouldn’t the damage from Elemental Control also be applied on each tick of a Crystallised ability if the other two abilities are working as intended?

To be fair those two things you can actually play around knowing that information and time remaining. Like with quickness you know how long you have your extra speed for and can make adjustments to your pathing or whatever for your situation, and shriven you can hold it for a second or two if you know a group buff is going out in a second or two. As for Laceration well that will just happen everytime you crit if it isn’t on CD so no real way to actually strategically use it since it just exists for getting a crit during your rotation.

So my guess is “Core Buffs” would be things that you can actually control in some way strategically during combat.

Yes, the branch thing still happens in DA.
I’ve had Kuchisake-Onna floating passive at the last spot with half of her hp still left, and I wasn’t doing that on purpose, just not running back after some aoes.

You actually don’t even need to hit the boss. You can just run by it and keep your sprint and run to the end. I saw that they already know about this by watching a stream a while back, and it apparently isn’t easy to fix from what the streamer said.

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I have never considered it a bug. I have always thought of it as a gift. :slight_smile:


I agree with what you’ve posted. I also think that, like the Signet of Quickness, there are some instances where you could similarly wait to align some things with the buff by using the information. Since it has a cool down, you kind of have to track it using cruder or alternative methods, but strictly for the sake of having an example off of the top of my head, you could use Opening Shot with it when the icon pops up on your screen, and then use the newly changed Thermal Inverter to dump your Elemental abilities within the window. While not the best example, I hope I’m conveying what I’m saying.

We’re also creating scenarios or justifying it against other items when it seems like it would be a really simple thing to add.

I’ve had to hit it before, but most of the time, just running by seems to work. Maybe I’m too fast! :grin:

I think you meant laceration?

And currently that is kind of the issue with the current 20 second CD on buffs and stuff in the current setup. The buffs are small and not as meaningful that you are better off just mindlessly hitting them on CD unless there is a mechanic that will make the target immune to damage or whatever. There would be no reason to hold on to that, and with the 15 second CD it will usually be within window anyways seeing as the buff lasts for 5 seconds so it would be a minimum of 21 seconds to proc again being in window of OS if used at the begining of a fight. So no real reason to track it since in this setup because it will usually be lined up fairly well on its own mindlessly.