Misconduct on official server Pvp 2202 - Platform XBOX

I would like to report the misconduct on the 2202 xbox platform server of tribe wetch team 6. This tribe has an unattackable underground base and despite this it has an attitude of relentlessness against the other players on the server making it unplayable, I personally receive threats every day on xbox live from them and funcom does nothing. I can provide base coordinates for message checks and shoots.

Clan : wetch team 6
platform : xbox
server official Pvp : 2202

player :

  1. tigesss6
  2. Flo0o 29
  3. LyraBaudelaire
  4. i Papi Chulo
  5. Trinity
  6. all players in the clan

you and a liar we have no bass under the card we are in the tower. tu and just salty because the admin banned you because of their mesh base. give the pictures of the conversation or the base you to nothing you and a salted child. liar

funcom came by yourself. he took a photo on the internet because he has 0 proof. he


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