Missable items (guide)

For my fellow OCD perfectionist not-wanting-to-permanently-miss-anything people.
For each dungeon the most important items are on top of the list.
The " - " stripe indicates where to get it.
I have made alot of item names shorter so it looks narrower and is easier to read on a smartphone.

kodaik          Large runspeed boost - The Shady Guy quest
boots speed     Terrain Knowledge buff - strike foreman important	
living cyber    +hp leveling armor, helm/legs/sleeves are missable, - "human" mobs, rest is quest reward
ape fist        stun, (ma), better than Karmic fist - Different named "Robees" important for MA
ring memory     wipe hatelist - Lien the Memorystalker important
skull ancient   +nanoskils+abilities - Nematet the Custodian of Time important for imp hotswappers
rockcrusher     +9 dd - The Curator, Gartua the Doorkeeper
barrow str      +15 dd - Uklesh the Frozen, Windcaller Yatila, The Reanimator important
notum splice    +1 all nanoskills (nanoregen for Nts) - Defender of the Three important for NTs	
touch gripper   +15 dd - The Curator, Nematet the Custodian of Time
ring of night   30 AAO blind - Exarch Li-Po, Khalum, Aztur the Immortal, Guardian of Tomorrow
withered        500 point absorb - The Reanimator, Uklesh the Frozen
bloodleech      75 heal - Windcaller Yatila, Exarch Gevarain, Guardian of Tomorrow, Gartua the Doorkeeper
frozen tear     high damage 1he - Uklesh
skull of Lam    fast 1hb weapon - Lien the Memorystalker, The Re-Animator
skull of Woe    fast 1hb weapon - Lien the Memorystalker, The Re-Animator
stygian         high damage 2he - Aztur
Inner faith     unconfirmed droprate - Reverend Hyuan
keeper’s vit    ac hp - Gartua the Doorkeeper
holy book       heal item (doc) - Aztur
tree enlight    team heal (ma) - Different named "Robees"
memory loop     good ncus - Lien the Memorystalker
Ring of flame   nuke ring - Exarch Pilvar, Aztur the Immortal, Guardian of Tomorrow, Exarch Truan, Uklesh the Frozen
ring of flesh   DoT ring - Exarch Li-Po, Exarch Gevarain, Exarch Truan, Defender of the Three, Exarch Ecclese, Gartua the Doorkeeper, Nematet the Custodian of Time, Guardian of Tomorrow
assault tank    absorb special (enfo) - Bodyguard important for enfo	
acquisition     180 ra inits. 19 rifle, 23 as - TIM / General Kronillis in PW important	
collar of Amp   10+ to 1 nanoskill, 7 treat - quest end reward important	
personal S.T.M  35   elec quantum - TIM
combat medic’s  7+ treatment (doc) - Neutralizer
custom mesert   fling burst pistol - Director / Notum Soldier
gamma ejector   good smg, high multi ranged req - bodyguards
recap beacon    warp from bor too foremans entrance - give power core to white bot, then kill scorpions
"your life"     after playing too many hours, you will have missed out on this item - usually found away from the computer                           
full ip reset   if you use it , you will miss it
"bad" skills    best way to not lose your ip reset points, is to use this guide

(Skills to NOT raise (guide))


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Very useful info, thanks :blush:

However maybe it would be a little clearer if the items were linked to aoitems and the -----'s removed? It takes some effort to read as is, especially on screens that aren’t as wide (e.g. my phone :wink: ).



The <pre> in the beginning of article and </pre> at the end, seems to make the spacebars actually create "space* thanks for the tip.