Missable items Guide


It might get bigger later.

boots of infinite speed ------------Terrain Knowledge buff – strike foreman important
living cyber helm/pants/gloves-- leveling armor – “human” mobs

Barrow Strength--------------------+15 dd – Uklesh the Frozen, Windcaller Yatila, The Reanimator important
Ring of Memory Loss------------- wipe hatelist – Lien the Memorystalker important
Skull of the Ancient--------------- +nanoskils+abilities – Nematet the Custodian of Time important for imp hotswappers
ape fist-------------------------------- Stun, (ma) – Different named “Robees” important for MA
Notum Splice -----------------------1+ all nanoskills (nanoregen for Nts)-- Defender of the Three important for NTs
Rockcrusher Gauntlets----------- +9 dd – The Curator, Gartua the Doorkeeper
Touch of the Gripper-------------- +15 dd – The Curator, Nematet the Custodian of Time
Ring of Eternal Night-------------- -30 AAO blind – Exarch Li-Po, Khalum, Aztur the Immortal, Guardian of Tomorrow
Withered Flesh--------------------- 500 point absorb – The Reanimator, Uklesh the Frozen
Bloodleech Ring------------------- 75 heal – Windcaller Yatila, Exarch Gevarain, Guardian of Tomorrow, Gartua the Doorkeeper
Frozen Tear of Uklesh------------high damage 1he – Uklesh
Skull of Lamentation-------------- fast 1hb weapon – Lien the Memorystalker, The Re-Animator
Skull of Woe------------------------ fast 1hb weapon – Lien the Memorystalker, The Re-Animator
Stygian Desolator----------------- high damage 2he – Aztur
Inner Faith-------------------------- Unconfirmed droprate – Reverend Hyuan
Keeper’s Vitality------------------- ac hp – Gartua the Doorkeeper
Holy Book of the Immortal------ heal item (doc) – Aztur
Tree of Enlightenment----------- team heal (ma) – Different named “Robees”
memory loop----------------------- good ncus – Lien the Memorystalker
Ring of Tattered Flame---------- nuke ring – Exarch Pilvar, Aztur the Immortal, Guardian of Tomorrow, Exarch Truan, Uklesh the Frozen
Ring of Weeping Flesh---------- DoT ring – Exarch Li-Po, Exarch Gevarain, Exarch Truan, Defender of the Three, Exarch Ecclese, Gartua the Doorkeeper, Nematet the Custodian of Time, Guardian of Tomorrow

HUD Upgrade: Enhanced------- 180 ra inits. 19 rifle, 23 as – TIM / General Kronillis in PW important
Collar of Amplification------------ 10+ to 1 nanoskill, 7 treat – quest end reward important
Assault-class Tank Armor-------- absorb special (enfo) – Bodyguard important for enfo
HUD Upgrade: Personal S.T.M- 35 elec quantum – TIM
Combat Medic’s Light Tank------ 7+ treatment (doc) – Neutralizer
Customized IMI Desert----------- fling burst pistol – Director / Notum Soldier
Gamma Ejector--------------------- good smg, high multi ranged req – bodyguards
Recapture Beacon----------------- warp from bor too foremans entrance – give power core to white bot, then kill scorpions

full ip reset-----------------------------if you use it , you will miss it
“your life”-------------------------------after playing too many hours, you will have missed out on this aswell