Missing 25 Attribute points!

I’m level 69, I reset my attribute points and only have 35 to spend. I’m missing a whole 25 points.

Wow, you’re playing with mods and complaining that the game isn’t working as intended?! Try contacting the mod author’s discord.

Complaining? that was a bit dramatic I’m just looking for answers.

Sorry if I misunderstood. In the future, if you’re intention is to find answers, try phrasing it in the form of a question. I read your title with an exclamation mark and the body of your comment excluded any question marks. With all that said, I still pointed you in the right direction:

Which ever mod(s) you use that affects your increased level cap and/or knowledge points, is where I would start.

BTW ~ Welcome to the forum!

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ok I give you that about the exclamation point LOL. I wasn’t mad I know I use mods but I dont use any for cheats there just or level increase. Thanks for the pointers :slight_smile:

Level cap is 60, anything above that is a mod, and therefore a mod issue, not a bug. As previously mentioned, consult the mod author instead of posting an official bug report for an unofficial problem.

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