Missing Agent Slot


I started with 2 Agent slots on all three of my characters. One because everyone starts with one, and the second because I am a patron. When I reached level 25 with an agent on 2 of the characters, the this slot unlocked.

On the third character I’ve reached past level 25 on an agent, yet I still only have 2 slots available.


Try without the AgentTweaks mod? The Agent UI was changed, so AgentTweaks probably needs to be updated.

Worth noting you get a second slot when you get a second agent (plus the Patron slot), it has nothing to do with levels.


Then I will have to wait for the RNG gods to bestow another agent on me. Only have the two starters so far on this character. Thanks,


That should be enough to get the second slot (so total three w/ patron). It was on all my alts.


Checking my alts really quick, but the mission slots unlock: one base, one for patron, one when you get a second agent. My idea was that they’d special cased Lydia to slow the unlock down slightly (and encourage more people to buy patron). That doesn’t seem to have panned out, my Templar alt has all three unlocked with just Faction Recruit and Lydia… my Dragon seems to have the same bug you have.

I’m running AgentTweaks, and it seems to have not suffered too badly in the patch. There’s some collision occuring with the added mission duration time. (Which is in a silly place anyway). But otherwise it works the same as before. Since the bug is only affecting a single character I doubt it’s the culprit here.

Did you happen to have a crash on that character when opening the agent panel today? I recall that one of my characters did when I got back from my galavanting, but I don’t actually recall which one it was (and because of the mods the report is of limited value. I’m so used to random builds of Cartog doing it that I expect any window I open to possibly crash the game)


I didn’t crash on this character that I remember. I have a petition open so I’ll see where that goes. Thanks


So Mischief Managed. Slot appeared with third Agent as @Starsmith said.
I confused the Achievement “Mentor” which opens the Agent Support Slot… very different indeed.
Thanks @Peloprata for your help as well.


Wonderful, I won’t worry about this then unless it doesn’t unlock when I get to 500 missions (because I’m not likely to spend a drop agent on my alts)