Missing Buildings

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: public server 3530

Last night I crafted and placed a Stable and a Wheel of Pain.

Today, I logged on and they were missing. Looking at the event log, after server maintenance, it says they switch to abandoned and decayed. Why? What caused them to be considered abandon and switch to that state? How do I get them or their resources back?

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Did you put them on foundations connected to your main base. Decay is different for things placed on the ground check with a repair hammer
Your not going to get your materials back unfortunately

i made the same mistake when i first started playing. i didnt realise things had a timer. try to keep everything as close as you can or connected to each other with foundations so they all share the same timer. hold a repair hammer and look at each one to check its decay timer.
once they go you can not get them back sadly.

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