Missing Chests from Inside my base

Game mode: Online server 1812
Problem: Bug
Region: Swamp

I have a base built on top of one of the high islands in the far east side of the swamp. It has an enclosed room with a cauldron. I left the thrall out the first nite and it was gone the next day. Nothing on the event log. Then I built 2 reinforced chests beside the cauldron. Filled them and then placed a new thrall in the chests and locked them. Both chests have vanished. Nothing on the event log. A cabinet and a forge also both vanished. I have been away from my base for only 2 days. I think there is something wrong with your decay system, again…

What is going on with your game??


I also logged in to my base after the update and was missing about 10 chests full of very valuable materials.

Very unhappy.

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I think it has to do with elevation of the base. My clan mate had an elevated bases next to mine at same height and lost a cheat as well. Lower or higher bases nearby were unaffected. Very strange

Please check wether the missing parts have been standing on wedge/triangle foundations. Because all our stuff which was standing on them was lost for us.

Same here, all my stuff, and all stuff belonging to other players on my server that disappeared, and that was quite a lot, all was placed on triangles.

Same, I had a chest full of building materials, preserv box and a adv stove with a t3 cook on triangle foundations disappeared… 2 weeks of harvesting and furnace POOF…I really hope this stuff gets restored.

Yep mine were all on triangle foundations. Good catch.

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I had been discussing this premise with a clanmate for about a month now. I noticed after every patch we would always have something vanish. We have 2 bases and several outposts so i had a good pool to pull from. The only one missing things was the base with 2 large towers (round). So i theorized that sincwe none of the other bases/outposts lost anything (no round shapes) that there had to be a problem with the wedges. After this last patch losing a TON of resources (3000 bark in one chest) and seeing posts like this one, I firmly believe the wedges are the issue!

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Same here also, some chest and workbenches was disappearing.

I can confirm that the crafting stations and chests I lost were also on triangles.
Good catch

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Same here! I had a box standing on triangle foundation with ALL of my lore items. I only had 2 more to go. Gone! Poof! I’v been playing over 350hours and the game have had it’s up and downs.
But I could forgive the bugs during the early access. But now when the game is released. No way!
I’m realy pissed off acctually. I’v been preaching to my friends that “wait untill it’s released” most bugs will be gone. But now I have to tell them that they were right all along :frowning:

As always games get released way too soon. When I first heard that they were going gold I though, what? No way! It’s too unpolished. They need 6 more months.
Well I guess I was right.
So bye Conan Exiles, I’v had some fun. But in the end it boiled down to dissepointment :frowning:

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same as above all items were on triangles

Yes all my chests that went away were also on triangle foundations.

Triangle foundations are definitely an issue. I previously destroyed my entire base which was primarily triangle foundations when after a BIG patch a large amount of stuff disappeared.

BIG patches also seem to be an issue.

BTW I have just logged in for the 3rd time tonight and my Improved Tanner with T4 thrall has vanished and it was on T2 - square insulated wooden foundations

So I was hoping with this patch the items that disappeared would be back… but nope… looks like it is long gone… I cannot express how disappointed I am at this.
Has anyone ever had items restored?

This really sucks for those that lost things.

FWIW my clan mate and I had all our chests survive, even the ones on wedges (we have a standard round tower with wedges alternating). We did however wait to log in until this follow up patch was delivered, so it’s possible they did not attempt to load until now.

Official PvP server.

I lost a number of thralls at one one base, representing about 100 hours of farming.

Another base, the thrall and crafting station simply disappeared.

Is there a way to use a previous save, such as a Thursday backup, to recover the lost items?

I have suspended game play til I find out what happened. As a ‘full release’ game, a bug like this should never continue.

My stuff that disappeared wasn’t sitting on triangle pieces. I lost a stove and a named Cook just gone.

Not to downplay the loss of anyone but I only recently went back to playing on PS4 because huge sections of my base just disappeared after a crash. It is very common over on console at least for PS4 for great amount of items to be gone after logging off and it would stop saving progress too. I am playing on PC mostly now but as I stated in my previous post to the thread here I lost a few things even on PC too. It is crazy to think of the farming time and materials just poof regardless of console or PC.

same here, lost full chest of named thralls ,unacceptable hopefully they will find a way to restore items lost