MISSING - Have you seen this Unicorn?

Please help find our beloved leader, we miss him so much.
10 months is a long time :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Great work :slight_smile:

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This is such a nice and cute idea! Screenshots look great too

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A new ARG? :crazy_face:

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Feel free to feed it onto the official discord and any other avenues - we need to find him. Its been 10 months.

It’s been four. He was active on discord until the first week of April.

Not on the forums - I dont frequent discord and one of his last posts on the forums was asking if we would like more communication like this during update intervals.

“Going forward, I would like to make more informal posts like this in the interim downtimes between updates. Please let us know if you like this idea as a continued thing.”

This was in his June post of 2018

and his last post on the forums was in September of 2018

So - in regards to that - its been 10 months since his last forum post.

I do hope that he is OK. Glad he was about in April; I don’t do Discord, so the last I saw of him was 6 months or so ago on Twitch with Spynosaur, wielding a paintbrush. Forum shows him as last about early in July…

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We appear to be getting closer :smiley:
perhaps we may get closer to an answer on content update info too - but for now, finding the unicorn and whether or not it truly exists is the main thing - or is it a myth?

But for the purpose of the thread - his last topic he created on the forum where he gave info was 10 months ago - last seen but not saying anything and last seen with a reply to different topic and last seen elsewhere - does not count in this case.

would anyone have answered “no” to his question and the unicorn obeyed?

Or maybe the time with the unicorns is different from ours and for her, it’s only 10 days since her last message offering a more regular communication?


Who can say - only time will tell.
The portal needs opened, then we can finally see what is relative to the timeline.

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More than a year now.

Great idea of sharing screenshots.

Unconfirmed sighting:


Most likely - LOL
But, Does that mean SWL is Lead Designerless as well as Devless?
All we have is a CM - who may or may not also be the GM’s

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I mean, if you aren’t developing anything, no need to have a designer, either. Modern problems require modern solutions.